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Overriding fee amounts when creating provincial bills (PEI)
Overriding fee amounts when creating provincial bills (PEI)
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When you create a bill in the CHR, you can override a specific fee amount associated to a billing code. For example, you notice that Health PEI has made a recent rule change for a service code, but the service code rules (specific to amount) have not yet been updated in the CHR.


  1. Depending on your workflow, you can create insured bills from an encounter, patient's chart or Visits dashboard.

  2. For each billing item where you want to override fee amounts, select Override Calculations. Base amount changes to Amount To Be Billed. Type the new amount in the amount field. See Adding and modifying billing items (service codes) to your provincial bills for more details.

    📌 Note: We recommend you add a comment when overriding calculations even if the system does not prompt you to. Click Edit Comment and type the comment in the yellow Comment text box and when added, click Update.

    The new amount reflects in the New Insured Payment window as well as the Comment.

Updated: January 5, 2021

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