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Billing for hospital and long term care visits (PEI)
Billing for hospital and long term care visits (PEI)
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If you see patients in hospitals or long term care facilities, you can bill for these services from the CHR.


1. Create a provincial bill from the patient's chart or the billing dashboard.

📌 Notes:

  • Because the bill is not linked to an appointment, the service date defaults to today's date

  • If you are not a provider, the Billing Practitioner defaults to the last provider you billed for.

2. Add the billing codes by completing the applicable fields in the Edit PEI Billing Item window that appears. See Adding and modifying billing items (service codes) to your provincial bills for more details.

⚠️ Important: Ensure the following is selected when creating a billing item:

  • If you are entering more than one hospital or long term care visit, increase the Count.

  • Enter the date and time you saw your patient under Service Date, Start Time and Finish Time.
    📌 Note: If you saw your patient more than once, service date is the first day you started seeing your patient.

  • Ensure your Facility and Facility type are correct. To modify, click the field and select the correct one from the list.

  • Select Advanced Fields and enter the Admission Date and Discharge Date.

  • Optionally, click Edit Comment to add a message for Health PEI. Comments can help reduce the number of refusals as these are sent to the ministry as part of your bill.

Updated April 12, 2023

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