When a patient visits a provider twice in the same day for the same issue (typically because the issue worsened), you claim both visits on the same bill. To do this, you add the same service code twice as two separate billing items; but on the second billing item, you must:

  • Modify the Start Time to match the appointment time of the second visit

  • Add a Note explaining why you're billing a duplicate visit

  • Modify the Submission code to be D - Duplicate Claim


1. Start a bill from an encounter, from the Visits dashboard or from the patient's chart. If you're editing a bill, open the bill from the Billing dashboard.

2. Add a billing item (service code) for the first visit. See Adding and modifying billing items (service codes) for MSP bills (British Columbia).

3. Add the same billing item (service code) a second time with the same diagnosis code for the second visit.

4. In the Edit Teleplan Billing Item window for the second billing item, modify the Start Time to match the appointment time of the second visit.

5. Click Edit Note and then, in the Note window, type your reason for billing the same code twice.

6. Select the Show Submission Fields checkbox and then, in the Submission Code drop-down, choose [D] Duplicate Claim.

Updated: January 7, 2022

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