In Alberta, the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) integrates with Alberta Health Services' eDelivery. eDelivery includes both lab and diagnostic imaging reports from a collection of lab vendors. For a full list of lab vendors, reference the Alberta Health Services website.

📌 Note: The CHR is not yet integrated with all vendors.

With this integration, eDelivery results are securely transmitted to your CHR inbox. You can then share the electronic lab results with other CHR users at your clinic and with your patient through our encrypted messaging tool. For more information, see Viewing electronic lab reports.

Some diagnostic imaging requisition forms require the provider's unique lab identifier. To have the ID auto-populate on forms via the configured form variables, you will need to add the ID to the CHR (see Adding unique lab identifiers to your CHR account).

⚠️ Important:

  • Labs are routed based on the provider’s billing number. Please ensure that all billing numbers are entered accurately in the providers’ profiles. For more information, see Updating your user profile information.

  • Alberta Health Services also uses Submitter and Department ID’s to root labs. You will need to add your information to: Settings > Scheduling > Location > AB ConnectCare.

Requesting an integration from Alberta Health Services

To integrate with Alberta Health Services you must first submit the service request form to Alberta Health Services via fax (1 870 644 1792), email ( or electronically via their website. If you are still in your CHR implementation phase, contact your TELUS Health Project Manager for assistance.

💡 Tip: The same form is used for adding and removing providers.

Alberta Health Services creates the provider's setup on their end. Once completed, Alberta Health Services provides the provider's information to whoever submitted the request (CHR support or yourself).

If you are configuring a new integration, you must then add this information to your CHR. If you are adding a new provider to an existing setup, you do not need to do this step, as they will use the existing configuration.


  1. From the main menu, click Settings > Labs.

  2. Next to Alberta Health Services, click Integrate. The log-in window opens.

  3. If you have more than one location, from the Default list, choose your location.

    📌 Note: If you have only one location, the field is greyed out.

  4. Type your Username.

  5. Click the paperclip icon to upload the key file. This is the only time you will require the file. You can delete them from your device after you complete these steps.

    💡 Tip: On Windows, to ensure you see the certificate you downloaded, in the bottom-right corner of the file explorer, choose All Files (*.*)

  6. Type your Connect Care Submitter ID and Connect Care Department ID.

  7. From the providers list, choose one of the following:

    • Current Provider: Labs are directed to the inbox of the account you are configuring. You will have one general inbox for all labs received.

    • Ordering Providers: Labs are directed to the inbox of the ordering physician. If no match is found, it will act the same as the Current Provider option.

    • Spread Receivable Providers: Labs are directed to the inbox of the ordering physician and anyone CC'd on the report or listed under Report to on the lab requisition. If no match is found, it will act the same as the Current Provider option.

  8. Click Authenticate.

  9. Refresh your browser. You are now integrated with eHealth.

If you have any difficulties with this process, contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat (see Contact us).

Updated June 9, 2022

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