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CHR Release Notes - version 22.11
CHR Release Notes - version 22.11

June 23, 2022

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Data variables added to message templates

You can now add patient data and other data variables to your message templates (see Variables for use in letter, message, and encounter templates). When you use a message template to share information internally or with your patients, information from the patient’s chart, as well as clinic and provider details, can automatically pull into your message. This improves administrative efficiency. For example, you can message your patient their blood pressure reading taken at the clinic with instructions and information on dealing with their high or low blood pressure.

A visual indicator appears when saving changes

When you add or update patient data and save it, you now see a visual indicator (Changes saved) at the top-right corner of the window for 3 seconds, informing you that the modification was successful.

The indicator appears when you save changes made in the patient’s chart in the Update Patient section (General, Address & Extra, Portal, and Accessibility tabs) and in the Patient Data section (Demographics, Social History, Vitals, Latest Lab Results).

Improved date range filter when exporting patient charts

When you want to export or print a patient chart or parts thereof, and you use the date range filter, the filter now uses effective dates to sort or find documents or files.

For example, you are looking for a document that was created in 2020, but you only uploaded it to the patient’s chart last month. The date range filter now finds the document based on the date it was created.

Similarly, when looking for all future appointments, the data range filter now looks for the date of the appointments and not when the appointments were created.

For more information, see Printing or exporting patient charts.

Virtual visits 2.0 patient agreement updated

We have updated the CHR’s default virtual visits patient agreement. Every time patients log into a virtual visit (with Pathways enabled), they must consent to the agreement before entering the virtual visit with their provider. See Attending a virtual visit with your provider (for patients).


  • For clinics with multiple locations in different time zones, reminders for in-person appointments are now sent at the correct time, based on the time zone of the location the appointment is booked in.

  • When adding an injection, the mandatory fields Injected Date and Refused date are now marked with a red asterisk.

  • When you add comments with line breaks to an inbox item or referrals and save them, the comments no longer appear as one paragraph.

  • Letters or encounters that are converted to a PDF no longer have a foreign icon in the top-right corner of the PDF.

  • In certain circumstances, users were unable to save their signature. A warning message now appears if you try to save a signature without selecting one of the radio buttons.

  • When you create a prescription, leave the end date blank, and re-prescribe that medication, the end date field no longer populates with today's date but is left blank.

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