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Performing bulk actions for a panel
Performing bulk actions for a panel
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Using panel Mass Actions, you can assign patients, reassign patients, or remove patients from a panel in bulk, instead of performing these actions for each patient individually. This is useful if a new provider joins your clinic and you want to assign all their patients to a panel, or a provider is leaving the clinic and you want to remove the patients from that provider's panel and reassign them to the new provider.

You must have CII/CPAR settings permissions to perform bulk actions for a panel (for more information, see Modifying user permissions).


1. From the main menu, choose Settings > CII/CPAR > Mass Actions.

2. Select the radio button to choose to Assign patients to a new panel, Move patients to a different panel, or Remove patients from a panel.

3. Specify the Patient search criteria to identify which patients are assigned, moved, or removed. Other than the required fields, you do not need to specify all criteria. For example, you do not need to select both a Primary Practitioner and a Primary Location. If you do select multiple criteria, patients must match all of the specified criteria to be included.

The available search criteria depend on whether you are assigning, moving, or removing patients.

Mass action

Available search criteria


Primary Practitioner

Primary Location

Status Tags


Current Panel (required)

Primary Practitioner

Primary Location


Panel Name (required)

Primary Practitioner

Primary Location

💡 Tip: To include all patients, leave all of the patient search criteria options at their default (e.g. Any Location, Any Practitioner).

4. If you are assigning or moving patients, in the New Panel section, select the Panel and the Confirmation Date for the new panel.

For the Confirmation Date, select one of the following options:

  • Last demographics validation date. If you have been validating patient demographics using the Save and validate button (refer to Viewing and confirming a patient's panels for more information), you can set that date as the confirmation date for the new panel.

  • Last visit date. This sets the confirmation date to the date the patient was last seen (the date of their last appointment).

  • Leave blank. Select this if you do not want to automatically set a confirmation date and plan to manually confirm the panel for each patient.

  • Today's date.

📌 Note: A confirmation date is required to send a panel to Alberta Netcare. If you have not yet been validating patient demographics, choose either last visit date or today's date.

5. If you are assigning patients to a panel, choose whether to Keep existing panels or Replace all existing panels (if any).

6. If you want to receive a message in your Inbox when the mass action is finished, select the Notify me when the action is complete checkbox.

7. Click Assign Patients, Move Patients, or Remove Patients.

8. A message appears indicating the mass action is in progress. Click Okay.

Updated December 12, 2022

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