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Creating clinic-wide login messages for users
Creating clinic-wide login messages for users
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You can broadcast more than one message in English and French to all your clinic staff when they log into the CHR. You can use this feature for legal and security purposes or simple clinic reminders.

Your staff can read the message and continue logging in.

Or, you can specify that staff must acknowledge or agree to the information in the message before logging in. You can use this to display CHR terms and conditions and block access for non-accepting staff or users.

The messages that you must accept appear in your account in the Security settings. The date and time you accepted the message and the message content appear under the message title.

If you add a clinic-wide message in both English and French, it is displayed to your staff in their preferred language as set in their account preferences

You can configure a message to appear once at login, every time a user logs in, or at pre-defined periods. For example, you want users to accept the clinic's terms and conditions every year.

📌 Note: To configure these settings, you must have Edit Other Users and User Settings permissions. See User permissions.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Account information > Clinic messages. A Clinic-wide message template appears.

📌 Note: If you have existing messages, scroll to the bottom of the page and click +New message. A new Clinic-wide message template appears.

2. To broadcast the message to all users when they log into their CHR account, click the toggle to enable the message.

3. To hide a message from all clinic users, click the toggle and disable the message.

4. Configure your message using the below table:



Display message

  • Once: Click to send a clinic-wide message only once.

  • Every: Use this to configure the frequency of displaying the message. Enter a number and select a frequency option from the list.

Reset to display on the next login

Use this option to reset a message’s frequency and display it at the next login. For example, a message appearing only once a year has changed and you want users to see the new message the next time they login.

Message must be accepted to login

Use this option to show the I accept checkbox in your message. At login, users must select the checkbox before being allowed to login into the CHR. If they decline, they are returned to the login window.

📌 Note: The message and its date and time of acceptance is saved under each user’s CHR account in their Security settings.


Type a message heading for your message. A maximum of 255 characters are accepted.

📌 Note: You can’t create clinic-wide messages with the same titles.


Type your clinic-wide message.

💡 Tip: The message length has no limit and you can format the text by using the formatting bar.

📌 Note: The title and message must be in at least one language.

To send the clinic-wide message to users only once, under Display message, click Once

5. Click Save message.

The new message title replaces the Clinic-wide message title.

Updated March 13, 2023

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