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CHR Release Notes - version 22.21
CHR Release Notes - version 22.21

Nov 11, 2022

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What’s new in the CHR

Viewing eBooking requests only for selected schedules

Staff members can now choose to view eBooking requests for specific providers. When viewing filtered schedules, click the Show filtered only toggle to only see eBooking requests for the selected schedules. For more information, see Managing requested appointments.

Improved workflow for recording externally prescribed medications

You can now easily identify externally prescribed medications. When recording a medication from the Medications list, select the new Externally prescribed medication checkbox.

💡 Tip: When you select the Externally prescribed medication checkbox, the CHR automatically selects the Don’t create prescription checkbox.

Additionally, a new icon visually distinguishes external medications at a glance. The new icon is displayed when viewing the Medications list. For more information, see Recording externally prescribed medications.

Prescription duration included on printouts, PDF and faxes

If you set a duration for a prescription and then fax, print or create its PDF copy, the Duration field now appears in all these formats.

Visual improvements when searching medications

When searching for medications, we’ve introduced the following improvements:

  • Your search criteria is highlighted in the results; thus displaying which medications have the matching characters.

  • If your search criteria returns more than 100 results, a message is displayed indicating not all results are shown.

  • The formulary medication icon has changed from a star to a pill bottle. The icons for favourite and formulary medications appear immediately to the right of a medication name.

For more information, see Creating prescriptions.

Additional information in patient banner when viewing inbox items

You no longer have to navigate away from the message to retrieve information needed for decision-making, communication or proper documentation. When reviewing files, faxes or lab results, additional information such as primary practitioner, last or future appointments, phone number etc. is now shown in the patient banner for easier information retrieval.

Accessing lab results from the Quick Menu

In the dashboard view of a patient's chart, you can now access Lab Results from the Quick Menu.

Injection settings permissions

We’ve added a new Injection settings permission to provide you additional control over which users can access, create or edit injection or immunization templates. For more information, see Modifying user permissions.


  • The Reaction Type field now appears in the Allergy history.

  • Attachments added within encounters can once again be added or linked to referrals, without any error messages appearing.

  • You can once again navigate through all pages of patient Cases.

  • When exporting patient charts with long names, the name or demographic information no longer overlap the patient export tabs.

  • The title of the Flexible Schedule Templates window is no longer partly obscured by the search field and is displayed in its entirety.

  • In an encounter, the outgoing referral data is correctly aligned with the column headers.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) email codes are regenerated every time you log in, and all previously emailed codes are invalidated.

What’s new in the CHR help


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Updated November 08, 2022

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