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CHR Release Notes - version 22.24
CHR Release Notes - version 22.24

December 21, 2022

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What’s new in the CHR

Health Profile: Infrequently used data fields are hidden

We improved the Health Profile data entry by hiding infrequently used fields in an Additional Fields section, similar to the form in Surgical History. When you open Medical, Family, or Social History, or Risk Factors, you now have a much cleaner view and you can focus on the most commonly-used data points.

📌Note: When you create a new health profile entry or when viewing an entry without any information in the Additional Fields section, the section remains closed by default. If any of the additional fields are populated, this section auto-expands when you open the entry.

Auto-saving of letters created from the Start/Open menu

When you create a letter from Start/Open > Letters in a patient’s chart, your changes are now saved automatically every 10 seconds.

📌Note: If you create a letter from an encounter or referral instead, you must still select Save to save your changes.

Matched lab result patient banner only shows original details

The lab results patient banner no longer adds patient information from the matched patient record. The banner only shows the original HL7 lab report patient details.

If a patient record is incorrectly matched to a lab result, it is now easier to see the error.

CHR version update notification

If you are logged in during a CHR update, you are now notified that a new version is available. This notification appears at the bottom of your screen. Click Refresh Page (or press Ctrl {Cmd}+Shift+R on your keyboard) to see the latest CHR version.

Cancelled prescription banner update

When you cancel an entire prescription or medications within the prescription, a banner appears under each cancelled medication. The banner now includes the cancellation note, the name of the user who cancelled it, and the date it was cancelled.

Creating a referral from a lab report in the inbox

You can now create a referral from a lab report without leaving your inbox. From an open lab report, at the bottom of the window, click Referral. The lab report is attached to the referral. For more details, refer to Creating referrals from the inbox.

PEI billing: fee updates

We made the following PEI billing updates in the CHR according to recent Medicare tariff updates:

  • New fee codes (7241, 7242, 7243, 7244, 7245, 4340, 4355) added

  • New roles (46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51) added to apply to fee codes (8010, 8011, 8019, 8021, 8022, 8025)

  • New prices added to codes 6903, 6958, 6905, 6959, 0250, 7253

  • Specialties (28, 31,54,97) added for fee code 2586

  • A geriatric premium rate of 25 added to fee code 0252

Location-based access

Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. If you want it enabled, please contact your clinic administrator.

Letter Templates

We’ve introduced location-based access for letter templates. For example, in a multi-clinic environment, a user at a specific location can now access letter templates only for that location. This can help shorten letter template lists and ensure only the most relevant templates are available to staff and providers.

When you access your letter templates you will now see only the templates associated to your locations and, if configured, templates that you have organized in a personal folder. If you select All Templates, you’ll see global templates followed by location-specific templates, distinguished by specific icons.

When you create a letter template, select which location the template belongs to. The Location list only shows locations that you work from.

📌Note: When you edit an existing letter template in Settings > Templates, you cannot change the selected location.


  • When generating a PDF from letters, encounters, and prescriptions, all patient information in the header is displayed correctly again.

  • When booking an appointment or viewing appointment details, and hovering over the patient’s demographics to view further information, the patient’s health card number is displayed again.

  • If your saved patient chart view is the summary view, clicking the patient name in an open inbox item no longer opens the chart in the dashboard view but instead in the summary view.

  • If your patient has a health number with a version code, that code is visible in the inbox item’s identification banner again.

  • When you cancel a prescription, your name and the correct time of cancellation now appears in the notification banner on the prescription, and no longer the name of the user who created the prescription.

What’s new in the CHR Help

Here’s what we recently added to the CHR help (


We added more help articles to our encounters collection to help you improve workflows. These include a new Overview of encounters topic, Viewing all encounters for a patient, Tracking unsigned encounters and many more.

In addition, learn how to build custom encounter templates to make your encounters more streamlined.

Data and instant variables

Learn what CHR data and instant variables are, how to add them to templates and how to use them when managing your patient. Refer to the following help articles:

Updated December 21, 2022

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