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Tracking unsigned encounters
Tracking unsigned encounters
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There are several ways to track unsigned encounters. This is important to ensure that all encounters are completed.

You can track unsigned encounters via:

Tracking unsigned encounters in the Schedule and Visits dashboard

On the Schedule and Visits dashboard, appointments that are linked with a signed encounter note are greyed out and have a feather icon. In this way, all other appointment statuses stand out.

💡 Tip: An appointment with a linked encounter note that is started but not signed has a status of Being Seen.


  1. Navigate to the day on the Schedule or Visits dashboard that you want to check for missing or unsigned encounters.

  2. Click the filter icon; the Filter Appointments or Visits Filter window opens. For more information on filtering, see Filtering the schedule or Filtering the Visits dashboard.

  3. Select all Practitioners and Services you want to check.

    💡 Tip: If you are a provider and want to see only your unsigned encounters, select only your name.

  4. Select all Statuses except for Note Signed.

    💡 Tip: To quickly select all statuses, click Invert Selections.

  5. In the schedule, click Apply, or in the Visits dashboard, click outside of the filter window. You now see only the appointments without linked signed encounters.

💡 Tip: If you do not have a lot of appointments, instead of using the filters, you can manually look at the schedule or Visits dashboard to check the appointment statuses.

Updated November 4, 2022

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