CHR Release Notes - version 23.1

January 19, 2023

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What’s new in the CHR

Warning message for disabling two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security that makes it harder for unauthorized individuals to access your account and patient database. When you disable two-factor authentication for user accounts, the CHR now asks you to acknowledge that you wouldn’t be using this extra layer of security. In Profile > Security, selecting None prompts you to accept disabling 2FA by selecting the checkbox and clicking Disable 2FA.

Copying message templates

You can now easily copy existing message templates. When you copy a message template all the data, including variables are cloned to the new template. The duplicate template appears at the bottom of the list with the word copy at the end of its name. To clone a message template, in Settings > Templates > Message click the clone icon.

📌Note: Quick Action information is not copied.

For more information, refer to Creating message templates.

Improved display of medications stopped from encounter

We’ve improved how stopped medications are displayed in encounters:

  • Stopped medications are shown in the Assessment and Plan section.

  • However, if you selected the Stop & Create New Rx option, the medication appears crossed out in the Prescriptions section.

For more information, refer to Stopping medications.

PEI - Location-based access

⚠️ Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. If you want it enabled, please contact your clinic administrator.

Location-specific bills

When you access the private or insured billing sections of a patient chart, you are only shown bills from providers that share the same locations as you. Additionally, when creating or editing payments, the Location list shows only the locations you are a member of.

Location-specific analytics dashboards

When viewing analytics dashboards, you now only see data from the locations you have access to, making it easier to get the relevant information from these reports. For example, if you are a member of two different clinics, you can only see patients and providers from these two clinics.

Creating message templates

In Settings > Templates > Message, when creating new templates, you must now specify the location the template belongs to.

📌 Note: The location for all existing templates is set to Global and can’t be changed.

Using message templates

When accessing message templates, you now only see the templates specific to your location or made available for all locations, i.e. global. Additionally, for quick identification, location-based templates now have a new icon.

Changing locations

When changing locations by clicking your avatar > Change Location, you now see only the locations you are a member of.

Alberta - Automatically expanding the referring practitioner fields on a bill

If you regularly bill fee codes that require a referring practitioner, you can now have the Referring Practitioner checkbox selected by default and the section expanded so you can quickly enter the information.

In the Insured Billing section of a patient’s chart, select the gear icon next to +New Payment and select By default show advanced fields with referral practitioner (BC MSP, AB Hlink).

For more information, refer to Customizing your insured payment settings.


  • In Settings > Scheduling > Extra, when selecting the Provider’s Identity Display Option field, the first option, Name (or Initial), is correctly labelled again.

  • Users can no longer access a locked account by resetting their password. An administrator must unlock their account in security settings.

  • Practitioner billing number once again appears on all types of printed invoices and receipts.

  • When cloning a bill, all billing information, except date and time, is carried over to the new bill.

  • For users using location-based access, when opening a bill that does not belong to any location, the Location list is no longer blank and shows you all the locations you are a member of in addition to the location where the bill was created.

  • When you click the filter icon or the configuration icon, the options displayed are now completely visible on smaller monitors without any options appearing out of view.

  • Inbox conversations are updated when newer messages are added and a notification is displayed on the conversation indicating the number of new messages.

  • Snoozed inbox items once again disappear automatically from your inbox and are stored in your snoozed messages.

  • In the PDF Splitter, when you select the Add All option and click a page number, you’re brought to the correct page in the PDF.

  • Searching patients by name correctly shows all patients matching the criteria.

  • You can once again change virtual visits to physical visits without any errors.

What’s new in the CHR Help

Here’s what we recently added to the CHR help (

Notification templates

Explore how to Customize notification and appointment reminder templates by adding clinic specific text and Variables.

Patient pronouns

Ensure that you set your patients' preferred pronouns correctly, so that you don’t misgender them in your communications. Refer to Patient preferred pronouns.

Updated January 16, 2023

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