CHR Release Notes - version 23.2
January 31, 2023
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What’s new in the CHR

Warning message for unknown DIN when creating prescriptions

CHR uses a medication’s DIN for checking medication interactions. If you prescribe a medication with an unknown DIN, a warning appears indicating that the medication can’t be included in interaction checking.

📌 Note: The warning message also appears if you select a medication from the list but change any information in the Name field.

For more information, refer to Creating prescriptions.

Disabling appointment confirmation notification by appointment type

Currently, patients receive notifications for any booked appointment, even if they have multiple appointments in the same day. This may cause confusion for the patient as they receive multiple confirmations at once for the same day. When booking appointments you can skip sending notifications; however, you must do this for each appointment.

To simplify patient communication and save time for your clinic, you can now disable the default appointment notification for desired appointment types. To do so, go to Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Types > select an appointment > Reminder tab and clear the Send appointment confirmation notification checkbox.

⚠️ Important: This applies to the default appointment notifications that appear in the Confirmation Notifications window when you book or cancel an appointment. This doesn’t apply to the reminders you’ve configured for your appointment types.

Now, when you book an appointment for this appointment type, you are no longer shown the Confirmation Notifications window. For more information, refer to Customizing appointment reminders for an appointment type and Customizing notification templates.

Flowsheet enhancements

In addition to naming the existing flowsheet view as Cards, we’ve introduced a new Table view for flowsheets. At the top of the flowsheet window, click to select the desired view. Table view displays data element information by dates and helps with understanding the order of events. Previously, you could filter flowsheets only by latest entries or date range. Now, you can also use the new All entries filter option to view all data for the elements added to the flowsheet.

Additionally, the Apply Template text-icon is now replaced with an image-icon in the top-right corner of the Flowsheet window.

For more information, refer to Using patient flowsheets

PEI - Location-based access

⚠️ Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. If you want it enabled, please contact your clinic administrator.

Location-specific Inbox

When accessing the Inbox, you now see only messages specific to the locations you are a member of. Additionally, when filtering the Inbox, you can select only the users who are members of the same groups as you.


  • From an encounter, when you add a letter and click Signed PDF, the PDF preview is no longer blank.

  • When deleting a reminder for an appointment type, you’re prompted only once to confirm your action.

  • In a patient’s medications list, medications with longer dosages and instructions no longer overlap other text.

  • For clinics with RBAC enabled, in the Visits dashboard, patient information is hidden if you aren’t authorized to access the patient chart.

What’s new in the CHR help

Configure your site-wide insured billing settings and defaults, such as Payment tags and Outstanding balance calculation. Refer to Configuring account insured billing defaults and settings.

Updated February 01, 2023

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