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CHR Release notes - version 23.11
CHR Release notes - version 23.11

June 7, 2023

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What's new in the CHR


Billing dashboard performance improvements

When you filter the Billing dashboard by Service Date and the range is greater than one year, the total amounts are no longer calculated. This prevents the filter search from timing out when big date ranges are applied.

User contents settings permission

If a user is assigned a role with User contents setting permission, they can now add, edit or delete their personal folders (click their avatar and then Contents) without the Qnaires, encounter templates, letter templates and form templates permissions.

Viewing the history of archived forms

Previously, when a form was archived within the Patient Forms section of the patient chart, the only option was Restore. Now you can quickly see all changes to a form, when it was archived, and the fax and print history. In the Actions column, select Open Fax History or Modification History.

For more information, refer to Archiving patient forms.

Cancelling newly created forms in the patient chart

When adding a new form to an encounter or in the Patient Forms section of the patient chart, and you don’t save it, the form is no longer added to the patient chart automatically. Now, while completing a form and you click Back or close the form, a message appears asking if you want to continue editing or cancel adding the form.

For more information, refer to Using electronic forms.

Ontario: Owner automatically assigned on HRM reports

When a provider receives a Health Report Manager (HRM) report in their inbox, the lab report now saves to the patient chart with the provider set as the owner.

Refer to Downloading HRM reports (Ontario) for more information.

Alberta: Overriding billing rules

If you regularly bill fee codes identified by H-Link that require a referring practitioner, you can now override them. For each billing item (service code) where you want to override the billing rules, select Show Advanced Fields and then Override Rules.

The Override Rules checkbox, when selected, allows you to override the rules for fee codes, diagnosis required, referral required and gender restrictions, and proceed with completing your bill.

Alberta: fee updates

Several fee codes were updated with the new amounts from the April 1, 2023 H-Link update.

PEI: Location-based access

⚠️ Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. Your EMR Program will send further communication when this feature is available.

Global settings permission for appointment types

Only users with the Location segregation: Global settings permission can add, edit or archive (and unarchive) global appointment types (Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type).

Global settings permission for message templates

Only users with the Location segregation: Global settings permission can create, edit or delete global message templates (Settings > Templates > Message).


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • When adding a condition to an appointment type, you can save the appointment type when Individual is selected as a condition rule.

  • When merging patients who have never had a Pathway card added, the patient charts now merge successfully.

  • From the main menu, when you click your avatar and then Contents, you can successfully open My Contents without first opening them through Settings.

  • When creating a prescription from an encounter, the timestamp appears beside the signature at the bottom of the prescription.

  • If you have a custom header configured with Show Patient Demographics enabled, the patient's address now displays on the PDF copy of the letter.

  • In Settings > Scheduling > Locations, if you have information in Address Line 2, it is displayed in the header of printed prescriptions.

  • When saving a patient file with an ampersand in the title, the file name now shows the ampersand correctly.

  • When printing a letter from an encounter template, the layout is no longer compressed.

  • In PEI, when creating an appeal form for a refused or cancelled bill, the form prints regardless whether a start time is entered or not.

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