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Overriding CHR billing rules when creating provincial bills (AB)
Overriding CHR billing rules when creating provincial bills (AB)
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The CHR has built-in billing rules for certain service codes and specialties. For example, when you bill a specific fee code, Referred By is selected and you are prompted to enter the referring provider's name and billing number.

Another example, you want to add a service code that is not typically billed under your defined specialty.

You can override all CHR billing rules.


  1. Depending on your workflow, you can create insured bills from an encounter, patient's chart or Visits dashboard.

  2. For each billing item (service code) where you want to override the billing rules, select Show Advanced Fields and then Override Rules.

    • You can search for and select any service code, no matter what specialty they are linked to.

    • The CHR does not check the billing item for errors, and allows you to submit the claim, even if it doesn’t meet the defined criteria, e.g. if a service code requires a comment, you can submit the bill without a comment.

      📌 Note: We recommend you add a comment when overriding billing rules even if the system does not prompt you to. Click Edit Supporting Text and type the comment in the yellow Supoorting Text box and when added, click Update.

Updated June 2, 2023

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