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TELUS Health eClaims integration overview
TELUS Health eClaims integration overview
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⚠️ Important: This is currently a beta feature, available to a few CHR beta users in order to test and provide feedback. It will be available to more users once the beta period is complete.

TELUS Health eClaims is a direct billing service that allows allied health professionals to quickly and easily submit electronic claims to insurers on behalf of patients. You can either submit eClaims as a solo practitioner, where the insurer pays you, or as a clinic with multiple providers, where the insurer pays the clinic.

You can integrate TELUS Health eClaims with your CHR account to create, submit and track claims from within the CHR.

Before setting up the integration within the CHR, you must register with TELUS Health eClaims.

Once your registration is complete, TELUS Health provides you with the login information needed to access the TELUS Health eClaims portal.

The information you require to integrate eClaims with your CHR is available in the eClaims portal.

💡 Tip: For instructions on accessing your account information from the eClaims portal, refer to the eClaims learning corner and Setting up eClaims with your practice management software solution.

You can complete this form to help you when setting up the integration.

Once you have your account information from the eClaims portal, depending on your registration type, complete the steps to integrate eClaims in the CHR. Refer to:

Created July 10, 2023

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