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CHR Release notes - version 23.16
CHR Release notes - version 23.16

August 14, 2023

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New typed data entry for vitals

When entering vitals in patient data, encounters and flowsheets you can now type instead of using the number pad. You can quickly add data entries and tab through the different fields. The last entry appears to the left.

Viewing an attachment and the edit window at the same time

When working with attachments in the Inbox or patient chart, the Update Received File window now opens beside, instead of on top of, the main file preview window. And you can move the Update Received File window. Both the main file preview window and Update Received File window remain active, allowing you to scroll through both. You can clearly see and input the necessary information in both windows at once.

For more information, refer to Updating files from your inbox.

Adding injections in Summary view

You can now quickly add an injection in the Summary view. From the Summary view, click the + icon beside Injections. The New Injection window opens. Add the injection as you normally would. For more information refer to Recording immunizations and injections.

New fields and other enhancements for injections

When adding injections, you can now record additional information and quickly save them to your clinic-wide injection list.

You can now include Trade Name, Injected Time, and Expiry Date in the new injection fields. In your clinic-wide frequent injections, you can configure these new fields to auto-populate. You can quickly save your settings to your clinic-wide Injections list with the new Add to clinic-wide injection list checkbox.

You can add details for injections that you did not administer with the new External checkbox and Injected By free text field.

You can now easily distinguish allergies with new icons; a red pill for drug allergies and a caution triangle for non-drug allergies.

When searching in the Name field, injections that are part of your clinic-wide Injections list show a blue house with a star icon.

Latest Lab Results variable removed

We have further streamlined electronic labs within the CHR. When adding a variable to a template, the Patient Data > Patient Information > Latest Lab Results variable is no longer available. To autofill labs into your templates, you should select Add Lab Result Variable or, for forms, under Auto Fill Configuration select Lab Result. Any existing Latest Lab Results variables are automatically converted to Lab Results variables. For more information, refer to Variables for use in letter, message and encounter templates.

PEI: Location-based access

⚠️ Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health, so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. Your EMR Program will send further communication when this feature is available.

Location warning when creating templates

When creating templates and choosing locations, you no longer receive a pop-up warning about which users can view the item. The warning now appears in the window when you are creating the template. This reduces additional clicks and saves time.


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • When updating a patient's date of birth, the pop-up calendar to select a date no longer selects the previous day.

  • With the correct permissions, you can set your landing page to Schedule, Qnaires, Referrals or Contacts again.

  • When prescribing and selecting My Favourites, the list now shows favourites with the same medication that have different dosage instructions.

  • When prescribing, changing the Dose in a favourite medication shows the Review this change for accuracy warning.

  • When renewing a prescription from Start/Open > Medications, and the medication selected has a long name, it no longer overlaps the Edit button when your zoom is set to 80% or higher. As well the Create Prescription button is moved to the right of the Current Prescription heading.

  • Alberta: When using an encounter template with a billing item, the validation error when signing encounters with incorrect or missing details needed for the included billing item now shows the error reason.

  • PEI: When location segregation is enabled, and you copy a message template it now appears in the selected location. When coping and no location is selected, an error now appears requiring you to select a location before you can save.

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