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CHR Release notes - version 23.18
CHR Release notes - version 23.18

September 13 2023

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Movable patient and patient search windows

When adding or updating a patient chart or searching for a patient, you can now move the New Patient, Update Patient and patient search windows. This allows you to see multiple CHR windows side by side. For example when searching for a patient for an unmatched document, you can have the PDF preview and patient search visible at the same time.

Minimizing the New Patient and Update Patient windows

You can now minimize the New Patient and Update Patient windows. The minimized windows appear in the bottom dock, next to My Task List. This allows you to navigate to another section of the CHR and reopen the window.

Improvements to flowsheets, including printing in table view

You can now print flowsheets in Table format. For card and table format printing, the header now appears on each page and also includes the patient's contact number. If you have any entries hidden, this is noted in the printout. In addition, in Table view, pagination for columns and rows shows at the bottom of the page respectively.

Additionally, when viewing or printing flowsheets in table format, entries made on the same day are filed in a single column, making it easier to read the flowsheet and saving you paper when printing.

For more information, refer to Using patient flowsheets.

Receiving PDF files from patients during virtual visits

The CHR now supports PDF file types for the virtual visit patient task Upload files. The workflow for sending or receiving PDFs is the same as the one currently used for JPGs. For more information, refer to Creating Patient Actions for your Pathways.

Confirmation window removed when signing encounters

To save extra clicks when creating an encounter, we removed the confirmation window that appeared when signing encounters.

Presenting Issue field remains static in encounter notes

When recording encounter notes, the top Presenting Issue field now remains visible when scrolling through the encounter note. This highlights the reason for the patient's visit and if not entered is a great reminder to add one before saving or signing your encounter.

Closing the prescription pad in an encounter prompts you to save

When creating prescriptions from an encounter and using the X at the top-right corner to close the prescription pad, a confirmation window now appears prompting you to Save or Cancel the prescription.


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • A Location can now be archived when it has Standard work hours and future Flex hours configured for a deactivated user.

  • Scheduled Account and Practitioner Vacations are now visible in Scheduling Settings again.

  • Archiving forms in patient charts works as intended and no longer deletes them.

  • When adding an Injection from an encounter that has been Unlocked, a server error no longer appears and you can save.

  • In the patient data section of patient charts, the History, accessed by clicking the clock icon, once again shows for all Patient Data fields in Demographics.

  • Providers are now able to rejoin an existing virtual visit.

  • PDF preview is now smoother when resizing the window.

  • When adding an injection from the clinic wide injections list, today's date remains in the Injected Date field.

  • When deleting all Spoken Languages from your Personal information section, a new warning appears explaining At least one language should be selected.

  • For Excelleris BC, eHealth, Cerner in PEI and Alberta Health System, when you receive multiple lab messages with the same time stamp they are now processed correctly and in the expected order.

  • When a user has two or more Spoken Languages set in their Personal Information, they can send PrescribeIT prescriptions again.

What's new in the CHR help

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