You are able to manage your staffs various permissions in your account. Our permissions control panel allows you to easily set user limitations for accessing and managing your account data.

Permissions can be set for each individual user by:

  • Navigating to the Settings Icon
  • Selecting Account from the dropdown menu
  • Find a specific user/staff member and click on "Edit" (as shown below)

  • In the window that appears, select the Permissions tab
  • Select/ Unselect specific permissions by clicking on the box next to the permission
  • Click on the Submit button once changes have bene made
  • Make sure to refresh your browser to activate the modification

User permissions are defined below:

The Settings Permissions are defined below: 

  • Scheduling Settings (Edit practitioner hours, availability and appointment types. This will show you the entire scheduling settings, i.e. Appointment types, Location Info, ect.)
  • Scheduling: Vacation (Edit vacation days)
  • Notification Settings  (Edit and modify outgoing E-mail/SMS notifications for appointments, Qnaires and portal messaging)
  • Case Settings  (Ability to Edit cases)
  • Custom Text Settings (Ability to create, edit and delete custom text)
  • User Settings  (View the users present on your account)
  • Patient Settings (Edit patient identifications, edit or create status tags, and add patient groups)
  • Care Team Settings (Ability to manage care team member settings)
  • Patient Settings: Summary View (Edit sections of summary view)
  • Disclaimer Settings (Ability to add or edit a disclaimer that will appear prior to accessing Qnaires)
  • Tablet Settings (Branding and numerical passcode for the POC app on your tablet)
  • Smartphone Settings (Branding and numerical pass code for the POC app on your tablet)
  • Product Settings (Add or edit products/inventory. These are the items you can use in Private Billing)
  • Billing Settings (Modify billing status, public/private settings)
  • User Content Settings (Ability to edit the his/her own user content including their profile and credentials. This is needed in conjunction with some other settings, like Lab Integration.)
  • Data Export (Ability to export data in the platform)
  • Data Import (Ability to import data into the platform)
  • Setup Lab Integration (Configure Lab integration. BC, MB, and ON labs only. User Content Setting is needed)
  • Formulary Updates (Modify your clinic's formulary)
  • Template: Encounters (Ability to edit, create, clone, and delete Encounter templates)
  • Template: Letter (Ability to edit, create, clone, and delete Letter templates)
  • Template: Forms (Ability to edit, create, clone, and archive Form templates)
  • Template: Custom Header (Ability to edit, create and delete custom headers)
  • Template: Cases  (Modify case templates on your account)
  • Template: Data Slice (Ability to edit, create, delete Data Slice templates)
  • Template: Messages (Modify message templates on your account)
  • Template: Flex Schedule (Modify and create flexible templates)
  • Modify Embedded Views (Ability to modify some analytic dashboards if the clinic has a user ID set up to do this)
  • Inbox Mass Actions (Ability to perform mass actions on Inbox Items)
  • Legal Entities
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