There are various ways to create a Letter from an Encounter, containing all the information captured.

1. From the Referrals Section in an Encounter

Scroll down to the "Referrals" section of the Encounter note and click on the "+ Add Letter" button found on the right hand side.

Once you click that button, a new "Add Letter" dialogue box will appear that will prompt you to select the recipient and how you would like to send it.

2. Click on PDF

Select the "PDF" button at the top right hand side of the Encounter Note (signed or unsigned).

3. Click "Letter"

Select the "Letter" button at the top right corner of a Signed Encounter Note.

Once "Add letter"/ "PDF"/ "Letter" has been selected, the "Encounter Letter" dialogue box will appear, where you can select the recipient and letter title.

You are also able to select whether you would like to

  • send the letter to the patient,

  • create a PDF

  • create a signed PDF

  • send as a message

  • send as referral

  • print a signed copy of letter

Additionally, you can add a Cover Page to the letter with any of the options selected.

If you have the Referring Doctor and Family Doctor details within the specific patient chart, these details will populate when selecting the Recipient Field, allowing you to easily send the Letter to both physicians at a single time.

The family doctor and the referring doctor are labelled, as in the above screenshot.

Once you have selected the physicians you want to send the letter to, click the Signed PDF button which will allow you to fax the letter to the selected Recipient.

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