Once you have created a private bill (see Creating private bills) you can receive payment by cash, debit / credit card, bank transfer, cheque and via Stripe (see Collecting payments for private bills using Stripe).


1. From the Start/Open Menu /Quick Menu, click Private Billing.

2. Under Unpaid Items, click one or more items.

The item(s) will change from white to blue.

3. Click Make a Payment.

A window Continue Payment will open

4. Next to Paid, click +
A small Add Payment window appears.

Complete all information:


Click on the downward arrow and select payment method:

Cash, Credit/Debit card, bank transfer, cheque, Stripe (if integrated)


Can change currency and amount.

Processed Date

Can change the date the payment was made by clicking on the calendar.


Internal Note.

5. Click Submit.

The following items are optional entries in the Continue Payment window:


At the top right corner, click on the downward arrow to select the clinic location.

Practitioner Name

Click the magnifying icon and select the provider - the name will appear on the invoice.


Add configured tags by clicking on a specific one (grey will turn yellow).

See Creating Payment Tags for more information on how to configure these.

External Note

Write a note in the box - the note will appear on the invoice.

You can create an invoice by clicking on the Invoice Tab.

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