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CHR Release Notes - version 21.04
CHR Release Notes - version 21.04

May 11, 2021

Updated over a week ago


1. Configuring your default Service Location Code (Teleplan, BC)

Following Teleplan’s changes to the Service Location Codes (SLC) earlier this year, we have developed a new setting that allows you to select a default SLC for your clinic.

We encourage all of our BC clients to set a default SLC for their location. Starting today, code A will no longer be autofilled in the payment system when submitting a medical claim.

To set a default SLC for your clinic, go to Settings > Billing, and click the pencil icon next to Teleplan, under Public Billing Provider.

The next window will allow you to select your default SLC in the field for Service Location.

For more detailed instructions, and additional information on how to set up multiple SLCs for multiple clinic locations, see Configuring your default service location code (Teleplan).

2. New setting for virtual visits, enabling to set defaults for audio and video

We have implemented a new setting under Settings > Patient Portal > Patient App to set a default for audio and video at the start of conversations. The following options are available:

  • Audio (default)

  • Audio & Video

If Audio is selected, then a virtual visit call to a patient starts off with audio only (on patient side). The patient has the ability to turn on video at any time, but it is turned off by default at the beginning of the call.

If Audio & Video is selected, the call starts off with audio and video automatically turned on. Audio and video can get turned off by the patient at any time during the call, but the call starts off with audio and video turned on by default.

For more details regarding video and audio settings for virtual visits, please refer to our help article Configuring virtual visits to start with video turned on for patients.

3. Reminder that we announced an new CHR integration with Stripe last week

For more information on how to integrate your clinic account with Stripe, for private billing payments within the CHR, please view the article Stripe - new CHR integration for private billing.

🐛 🔨 BUG FIXES 🐛 🔨

Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. Should you want any more detail on the issues below, please feel free to message us.

  • We fixed a bug where urgent inbox messages lost the urgent status after they were marked done, and then marked undone again. Urgent messages that are marked undone, will now carry forward the urgent status.

  • We fixed a bug where unsaved drafts for letters got lost when the user’s session expired. From now on, your draft will be available after logging back into the system after a time-out, and no content will get lost.

  • Previously, when a patient tried logging into the patient portal with a wrong one-time password more than 5 times, the user’s IP got blocked. Due to valid attempts of patients trying to log in with wrong passwords and getting blocked by the system, we have changed this workflow and are now showing a notification for the patient to request a new one-time password instead. See Accessing the patient portal after passcode expiry (for patients) for more details.

  • We were reported a bug in the CHR schedule, where a physician’s full name wasn’t displayed anymore when hovering over the initials in the top column of the calendar. This bug has been fixed with this release.

  • We have added a missing code to the Teleplan Service Location Codes (for BC clients). Code V is now available for Virtual Care Clinics.

Scheduled time of update: Evening of May 11th, 2021

No preparation is required by site users in advance of the update. All CHR update activities are managed by InputHealth via a zero-downtime rolling deployment in the CHR’s cloud infrastructure, which allows the system to operate without interruption of service during updates.

No data migration will be required as part of this update.

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