Conducting and ending a Pathways virtual visit
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Once you've started a virtual visit, there are several features available to help you navigate, conduct, and finish a virtual visit.

Starting the camera

When you start a visit, the virtual visit opens and the patient's name appears in the panel on the left. By default, both you and the patient are set to use Audio Only.

To turn on the camera, click the red camera icon. To turn off the camera, click the camera icon again.

For the patient to start their camera, they must click the video camera icon. For more information, see Attending a virtual visit with your provider (for patients).

💡 Tip: You can configure your system so the video is on by default when you start a visit. For more information, see Configuring virtual visits to start with video turned on.

Muting yourself

If there is background noise on your side while the patient is talking, you can mute your microphone. At the bottom, under the video, click the microphone icon.

When you need to speak, click the microphone icon again to unmute.

Maximizing and changing your view of the patient

The virtual visit appears in a thumbnail in the Pathway on the left side of the chart. This allows you to see and speak to the patient while documenting your encounter at the same time. However, you can enlarge this view and move it anywhere on your screen.

Click the maximize icon at the top right of the virtual visit thumbnail.

The thumbnail enlarges and moves to the middle of your screen. Click and drag the thumbnail to move it around your screen. To make the image full screen, click the maximize icon again. You can manually resize the thumbnail by clicking and dragging on the sides, top, or bottom.

Click the x to move the thumbnail back into the Pathway on the left side of the chart.

Ending a visit

To end the visit, click the icon to hang up at the bottom of the video screen.

A message appears that the call ended. Click Okay.

The patient sees a message that the video chat ended because all participants left the visit. However, the virtual visit remains open so they can see any chat messages sent and received, and complete any tasks assigned. Once the patient is finished, they should close the window. For more information, see Attending a virtual visit with your provider (for patients).

Updating the phase of the visit

At this point, you should change the Phase from Visit to Post Visit and then to Complete, to remove the appointment card from the Pathway. Your workflow and phases might be different depending on your Pathway configuration. For more information on updating the phase and other actions you can do in the Pathway card see, Actions available for Pathway Cards.

Updated July 4, 2022

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