Provincial billing workflow (PEI)
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TELUS Health offers a Health PEI (Medicare) billing service as part of your CHR license subscription. You create insured bills in the CHR and submit them directly to Health PEI. After Health PEI processes your bills (claims), they're automatically updated in the CHR.

As part of your CHR subscription fees, you can:

  • Create claims in the CHR

  • Submit claims to Health PEI

  • View and process remittances (claim responses) received from Health PEI

Before you can bill the province through the CHR, you must register with Health PEI. TELUS Health can then integrate your CHR account with Health PEI.

You can bill from more than one clinic. Advise your implementation team of all the locations that you work at so they can configure your account accordingly.

Once you are setup, you create all provincial bills in the Insured Billing section of the CHR.

The provincial billing workflow in PEI consists of the following main steps:

1. Create Health PEI bills in the CHR

You can create insured bills from

  • an encounter (this is the standard and most efficient way to create bills — from within an encounter that is associated to an appointment)

  • the Visits dashboard (for staff or providers who what to bill from a list of appointments)

  • the Insured Billing section of the patient's chart (for staff or providers who want to bill services without an appointment or encounter - e.g. hospital visits)

  • the Billing dashboard. For more information, refer to Quick billing from the Billing dashboard. (for staff or providers who want to bill services without an appointment or encounter - e.g. hospital visits)

2. Review Health PEI bills and identify missing bills before submitting them to Medicare.

  • Use the Billing dashboard to see all bills associated with signed encounters.
    Apply the filter with the status Draft. All of the bills in Draft display. Click each bill and review them manually and change the status to Ready to Submit.

3. Submit your claims to HealthPEI

4. Manage refused bills from HealthPEI

For more information, see Managing refused bills.

5. Reconciliation of all claims.

Updated April 12, 2023

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