If you're CHR is configured to do so, when you refer a patient to a specialist or a consultant, you can create a no charge referral bill right from the referral. The generated bill includes a billing item with:

  • 03333 as the service code

  • The Service Date set to the date of the referral

  • The Referring Practitioner (refer-by practitioner) set to the referral's Ordering Provider

  • The Sub Referring Practitioner (refer-to practitioner) set to the referral's Service Provider


1. Create an outgoing referral or open a referral from the Referrals dashboard.

2. In the Edit Referral - Outgoing window, in the Status drop-down, select the status that initiates the option to bill a no charge referral.

📌 Note: Your clinic sets what status this option appears for (see Enabling the ability to bill the province (MSP) for no-charge referrals from referrals). In most cases, you see this option when you set the Status to Letter sent.

3. Under Make no charge referral billing item, click Make. The New Insured Payment window opens with the 03333 service code added as a billing item.

4. To modify the billing item (for example, to add a diagnosis code), click it, make the changes you want, and then click back to the New Insured Payment window to save your changes. See Adding and modifying billing items (service codes) for MSP bills.

5. To submit the bill to Teleplan (i.e. if the bill does not require review), at the top of the New Insured Payment window, in the Status drop-down, select Ready to Submit. See Submitting provincial (MSP) claims to Teleplan.

6. Click Save.

📌 Note: The saved bill displays in the Billing dashboard and in the Insured Billing area of the patient's chart. It is not visible in the Visits dashboard.

Updated: January 12, 2022

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