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Managing partially paid provincial (MSP) claims (British Columbia)
Managing partially paid provincial (MSP) claims (British Columbia)
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When MSP pays a claim, but they don't pay the full amount you billed, in the Billing dashboard, the bill displays as Completed with the billing item flagged as Paid.

For this reason, when you reconcile your provincial (MSP) bills, you should review your Completed bills. If the amount paid for a claim does not equal the amount billed, and you want to dispute the claim, submit a debit request for the paid claim, and then create a new bill. On the new bill, you can make any edits on the billing item and add a comment explaining why you're resubmitting or disputing the claim.


1. From the Billing dashboard, open the completed bill.

2. Submit a debit request for the billing item you're disputing. See Submitting debit requests to MSP.

3. From the Insured Billing area of the patient's chart, create a new bill. See Creating or editing provincial (MSP) bills from patient charts.

📌 Note: Make sure the service date matches the service date of the original claim.

4. For each of the bill's billing items (service codes), add a note explaining why you're disputing the partial payment. See Adding a comment to a provincial (MSP) claim.

Updated January 18, 2022

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