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Provincial (Medicare) billing (PEI)
Billing for an out-of-province patient (PEI)
Billing for an out-of-province patient (PEI)
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To submit claims for residents from other provinces (except Quebec), follow the below steps. The system sees the patient’s province code with the health card information and takes care of the submission details.

⚠️ Important:

Quebec patients are excluded from the below process. Health PEI does not have reciprocal billing with Quebec. We recommend that you bill patients directly and instruct them to seek reimbursement when they return home.


  1. Ensure that the patient's health number is recorded and has the correct identification type.

    📌 Note: If you do not see the identification in the list add a new one. See Adding additional patient identifiers.

  2. Create a provincial bill. Depending on your workflow, you can create bills from an encounter, patient's chart or Visits dashboard.
    📌 Note: Use PEI billing codes when creating a bill for an out-of-province patient. Make sure the payment issuer is set to Health PEI.

  3. When billing for an out-of-province patient, we recommend adding a comment in the billing item for Health PEI to read.

    Select Show Advanced Fields and then Edit Comment. Type in the yellow Comment text box that appears, e.g out-of-province patient. Click Update.

Updated January 21, 2022

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