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Provincial (AHCIP) billing (Alberta)
Billing for a newborn patient without a provincial health number (Alberta)
Billing for a newborn patient without a provincial health number (Alberta)
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If a newborn patient has not yet received a Provincial Health Number (PHN), you can bill AHCIP using the mother's PHN.

⚠️ Important: As a first step, add the infant as a patient in the CHR (see Adding a patient). The following information is required for billing:

  • Under Identifications, select AB and add an arbitrary identification value (e.g. 999999999). Remember to replace the patient's identification as soon as they receive their official PHN.

  • The patient’s full address. The Province must be AB and the Country, CAN.


1. Start a bill from an encounter, from the Visits dashboard or from the patient's chart. If you're editing a bill, open the bill from the Billing dashboard.

2. Add a billing item or click to edit a billing item. See Adding and modifying billing items (service codes) for AHCIP bills (Alberta).

3. In the Edit Alberta HLink Billing Item window, select the Show Advanced Fields checkbox.

4. In the Advanced Fields area, select a value from the Newborn list.

  • ADOP - Adoption

  • LVBR - Live Birth

  • MULT - Multiple Birth

  • STBN - Still Born

5. In the Mother's PHN field, enter the mother's provincial health number.

6. To save or update the billing item, click outside the Edit Alberta HLink Billing Item window. The service code is added to the bill.

Updated June 29, 2022

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