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Managing panels for the clinic
Managing panels for the clinic
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You can use panels to track patient associations with providers in your clinic. A panel can be a CPAR-enabled panel for providers who are enrolled for CPAR. For CPAR panels, the providers' primary patient panel information is extracted from the CHR and sent to CPAR once a month. TELUS Health must enable panels for your system - either CPAR-enabled panels, regular panels, or both.

You can create panels, edit existing panels, and delete panels. A panel can be converted to a CPAR panel if a provider later registers for CPAR. For example, if a new practitioner joins the practice and isn't yet enrolled for CPAR, you can create a panel for the provider and associate patients to that panel. Once the provider is enrolled and has the panel number, change the panel into a CPAR-enabled panel and it will be submitted with the next panel submission. Similarly, if a provider who is enrolled for CPAR is retiring and no longer wishes to submit their panel information, you can disable the panel from CPAR. But you would keep the panel active while deciding which other provider's panel the patients should now be assigned to.

You must have CII/CPAR settings permissions to manage CPAR panels (for more information, see Modifying user permissions).

Once you have created panels, you can assign patients to the panel either manually or in bulk. For more information, see Performing bulk actions for a panel.


1. From the main menu, choose Settings > CII/CPAR > Panels. Active panels are displayed in a list alphabetically. If a panel is a CPAR panel, a CPAR label appears, as well as the panel number (to the right of the panel name).

2. To edit an existing panel, select the panel from the list. To add a new panel click Add Panel.

3. Complete or update the fields for a panel:



Panel Name

Required. Type a descriptive name for the panel.


You must select at least one location.

Click Add Location. Select a location Name from the list and enter the Facility Number (maximum 20 digits). Click Save when you are finished.

To delete a location from the panel, click the x to the right of the location name.


You must select at least one practitioner.

Click Add Practitioner. Select a Practitioner from the list. The Practitioner ID will automatically populate from the practitioner number recorded in their profile and cannot be edited. Click Save when you are finished.

📌 Note: You can add a practitioner without a practitioner ID to the panel, but the panel data will not be sent to CPAR. See Configuring CII and CPAR for more information on recording a practitioner ID.

To delete a practitioner from the panel, click the x to the right of the practitioner's name.

CPAR Enabled

Defaults to No. Select Yes if this panel is a CPAR panel.

📌 Note: if CPAR panels are not enabled for your clinic, this field does not appear.

Panel Number

Displays only if this is a CPAR panel. Required. Type your panel number (maximum 10 digits).

Failure Notification Recipient

Displays only if this is a CPAR panel. Select a user from the list. The selected user will receive a notification in their Inbox if a CPAR submission fails. If you select None, you will not receive a notification in your Inbox but you can see the CPAR submissions status in the Submissions tab. (For more information, see Viewing the submission status of a CPAR panel).

4. Click Save when you are finished adding or editing the panel.

5. To delete a panel, click the x to the right. You are prompted to confirm deleting the panel.

📌 Note: You cannot delete a panel if there are patients attached to the panel. First move the patients to a different panel (see Performing bulk actions for a panel).

Updated August 5, 2022

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