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Graphing vitals and measurements in encounters

We understand how important it is to see changes in a patient’s vital signs over time. We’re excited to announce that you can now view graphs of your patient’s vitals directly from an encounter.

To graph a vital, click its heading within the Examination section of an encounter. A window appears with the graph and table displaying the last five values of the specific vital. Blood pressure is the only vital where systolic and diastolic readings appear together in one graph. (CHR-8586, CHR-12154)

Removing “Done” items from Inbox immediately

You no longer have to wait 24 hours before items and messages marked as done are removed from your inbox. As soon as you mark an item done, it is immediately moved to the new Done window. This helps keep your inbox streamlined.

To view all your Done items from your inbox, click the new checkmark icon under the snooze icon. (CHR-10872)

For more information, see Viewing done inbox items and messages.

Distinguishing My Frequents from Formulary medications

Previously, when you created a prescription and searched for a medication to prescribe, any matching formulary medication (which is set clinic-wide) displayed at the top of the search results along with your own frequent medications.

Both were marked with a star icon, which made it difficult to differentiate between the two.

To improve medication search, My Frequent medications are now marked with a heart icon, and Formulary medications with a star icon. (CHR-12916)

Support for Brother label printer

The CHR now supports printing labels with the Brother QL-810W model.

📌 Note: The CHR is compatible with this printer for computers running Windows. (CHR-13578)

To learn more about connecting the label printer to your CHR, see Setting up your Brother label printer.

Limiting appointment type options to the ones applied to the provider’s working hours

You can now limit the list of appointment types that appear when you book an appointment for a specific provider. When enabled, only the appointment types that are associated with the provider’s working hours and location appear in the list. This is highly beneficial to large clinics with multiple locations who have a long list of configured appointment types.

📌Note: When booking a physical appointment, any appointment types that are associated with only their virtual schedule will appear in the list greyed out, and vice versa.

If you book an appointment with a provider outside their configured timeslots, you see a list of all the appointment types (greyed out) associated to all the providers’ schedules working at the same location.

To enable this feature, contact the TELUS Health support team through the in-app support bubble. (CHR-13394)

Manitoba - Diagnostic Imaging results

In Manitoba, diagnostic imaging results now map to more descriptive section names instead of "Other" when external exam codes don't match. (CHR-13595)

New frequency option added when prescribing

A new option Q6H - every six hours was added to the list of Frequency options when prescribing. (CHR-12987)


  • When you create a prescription and generate a PDF to print or fax, the patient's demographic information is no longer cut off when there is a lot of text in the header. (CHR-14163)

  • When you create a prescription with multiple dose lines and you remove one of the dose lines, you can save the prescription again. (CHR-14082)

What’s new in the CHR help

Do you need a provincial or local form added to your CHR?

The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) has hundreds of the most commonly-used provincial and local forms, such as lab and diagnostic imaging requisition forms. TELUS Health creates and maintains these forms for all of our customers. To view our available forms and how to request them, see Available standard forms.

Off-schedule release notes

Do you wonder if a bug you reported was fixed? We release new CHR versions every two weeks and include the improvements and bug fixes in our CHR release notes collection. However, there are times when we release fixes before the next scheduled release. To learn more about fixes in these releases, visit CHR off-schedule release notes.

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