What’s new in the CHR

Broadcasting clinic-wide messages to users when they log in

Do you want to communicate information with your staff or ask them to sign a confidentiality agreement before using the CHR? You can now broadcast messages in English and French to all users, with or without specifying that they must agree to the information before logging in to the CHR. The messages can be displayed once, at every login or at pre-defined frequencies. See Creating clinic-wide messages for users to see at login.

Recording the reason for discontinuing a medication

When discontinuing a medication from a patient’s Medications list, you can now add a reason and any additional information if required. This information is saved in the patient’s chart.

After you click Stop beside a medication, in the Stop medication window that appears, select the reason, the date you want to stop the medication, and enter any additional information in the More information field.

The discontinued medication is marked with a stop icon and Stopped banner with all the additional details below.

For more information, see Stopping medications.


  • Qnaires with long text or multiple questions per page are no longer partially cut off in the Qnaire builder preview.

  • When you open a form from the Attachments section of an encounter, then add information and minimise it, the form is no longer closed but instead added to My task list again to retrieve at a later stage.

  • When you create and sign a prescription with a future start date, it no longer appears in the Medications section under the Past tab, only under the All tab.

  • All icons are visible in the Point of Care (POC) app again.

What’s new in the CHR help


Do you have a locum starting at your clinic? Check out our new help article on Adding locums.

Standard forms

The TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) has hundreds of the most commonly-used provincial and local forms, such as lab and diagnostic imaging requisition forms. TELUS Health creates and maintains these forms for all of our customers on a regular basis.

To view our available forms and how to request them, see Available standard forms.

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