Adding locums
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A locum is a health professional who temporarily takes the place of another health professional for reasons such as vacation, maternity leave or short-term illness.

📌 Note: Refer to Adding a new provider (Ontario) if the provider you need to add is not a locum.

Locums are set up with their own TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR) account. The CHR does not have a way for the locum to link or take over the original provider's account. We suggest having both the locum’s and the provider’s accounts active. You may also deactivate the original provider’s account during the locum; note the following implications of deactivating the original provider's account.

  • You lose access to their billing, schedule, inbox and eBooking.

  • Ordered labs will be received in the miscellaneous inbox instead of the provider-specific inbox.

  • You cannot select the original provider for forms, letters, etc.

  • Upcoming appointments must be moved to the locum's schedule.

If both accounts are active, you will be billed for both. The TELUS Health billing team reviews the usage of the CHR for each month and maps all of the active users into a specific license type and usage category (full time, part time, or casual). In the scenario of a locum, where the original provider does not need access to the CHR, the TELUS Health account management team is able to override the original provider’s fee. To make this alternative billing arrangement, you must discuss your specific scenario with them before the 1st day of the month the locum is working. Email with “locum” in the subject line.

Generally, the locum works from the original provider's schedule, inbox etc. When creating the encounter note from the schedule or Visits tab, details such as the billing number default to the original provider. The locum needs to manually adjust every encounter to make themselves the billing provider. You can also create a schedule dedicated to the locum, and reference the original provider.

When a locum orders labs via our configured forms, they can CC the original provider so that the lab is sent to both the locum and the provider's inbox.

For billing, we suggest that the locum uses their own billing number and has their payee number (British Columbia and Alberta) or group number (Ontario) set the same as the original provider’s. Once payment is received, the clinic determines how much should be given to each provider.

Adding a locum in the CHR involves the following tasks:

  1. Inviting the locum (administrator).

  2. Signing up for the CHR (locum accepts email invitation).

  3. Assigning a role and permissions to the locum (administrator).

    • Depending on how you will bill and order labs, you will add your billing number and the provider’s payee number (British Columbia and Alberta) or group number (Ontario).

    • It should be clear that you are replacing the original provider. Under Full Name or Credential Initials add (Locum for "original provider's name").

  4. Deciding if the locum will work from the original provider's schedule and inbox or if you want to transfer everything to the locum. You can only mass transfer scheduled appointments and Qnaires if you deactivate the original provider’s account.

  5. Adding the locum’s billing integration to your CHR. Contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat. See Contact us.

  6. Configuring the locum's lab workflow. If the locum needs their own lab integration, contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat.

  7. Once the locum is finished, deactivate their account (see Deactivating CHR user accounts).

Updated August 31, 2022

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