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CHR Release Notes - version 22.20
CHR Release Notes - version 22.20

October 26, 2022

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What’s new in the CHR

What’s new in TELUS CHR Mobile

Added permissions for schedule, flowsheet and cover page templates

To further enhance the security of your CHR, we added separate user permissions to create or modify cover page, flowsheet, and schedule templates. Previously they were grouped under the Templates: Encounters permission.

To enable these permissions for your account, ask your clinic administrator. For more information, see Modifying user permissions.

Display options for medications in flowsheets

When adding a medication to flowsheets, you can now customize its display options. For example, you can select to view the start and end date of the medication along with its dose. This is helpful when you want to analyze whether changes in medications have impacted the patient’s lab results or other data. For more information, see Using patient flowsheets.

Adding primary practitioner to appointment notifications

You can now add primary practitioner variables to appointment notifications. This is helpful when you want to display the patient’s primary practitioner in appointment reminders instead of the appointment provider. For example, if the patient is booked with a physician assistant that they may not be familiar with. When updating or editing appointment notifications, select the desired variable to add.

Contacts role permissions

For clinics with RBAC enabled, contacts role permissions have been enhanced. These added permissions provide you additional control over which users can access, create or edit contacts and facilities. For more information, see Role permission options (role-based access control).

British Columbia - Facility and Diagnostic Facility Number Changes

When creating bills, in addition to the Facility Number field you now have a Diagnostic Facility field. The Diagnostic Facility field shows diagnostic facility numbers provided by Teleplan, whereas the Facility Number is specific to your clinic.

What’s new in TELUS CHR Mobile

💡 Tip: See the CHR Mobile release notes to stay up-to-date on CHR Mobile releases.

Viewing the patient summary

You can access the summary view of a patient's chart, and customize how the summary is displayed. For more information, see Viewing the patient summary in TELUS CHR Mobile.

Viewing extra demographic information

When you select General Info to view a patient's demographics, you can now also access the Address & Extra tab to see more information such as the patient's emergency contact. For more information, see Viewing and navigating patient charts in TELUS CHR Mobile.

Viewing a patient's next appointment

When you view a patient's chart, their next appointment date and time displays in a banner in the top section of the window. Select the appointment banner to quickly see more information about the upcoming appointment. For more information, see Viewing and navigating patient charts in TELUS CHR Mobile.


  • You can customize the order of your presenting issues again.

  • After changing your password, you can successfully log into the CHR and no error messages are displayed.

  • When booking appointments for patients with important or latest notes in their charts, the note pop-up shows the title and description again.

  • When searching for patients by date of birth, the Day, Month and Year fields are all aligned.

  • When merging charts where a blood pressure measurement is missing either the systolic or diastolic value, the original incomplete blood pressure is maintained instead of being assigned a number for the missing value.

  • Printing the summary view retains columns and formatting again.

  • A page not found error no longer appears when creating a pathways card while virtual location is selected.

  • When selecting No known drug allergies in a patient's chart, the patient data header, below the demographics header, remains visible.

  • If a prescription has multiple blank dose lines, its printout doesn’t show the AND or THEN text.

  • Users without the Template: Encounters permissions no longer see the clinic's list of encounter templates when accessing the Templates settings.

  • You can deactivate CHR user accounts again. The CHR doesn’t refresh when deactivating user accounts and the account is deactivated on the first attempt.

  • In Prince Edward Island, when viewing reports with multiple updated values, the Status Changed on date and time appear next to the updated reports.

  • In Prince Edward Island, PDF of the complete latest lab results displays all columns and is formatted correctly again.

Updated November 07, 2022

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