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CHR Mobile release notes
CHR Mobile release notes
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⚠️ Important: Please keep your device systems updated. You must be using iOS 13 or later, or Android 10 or later to use TELUS CHR Mobile.

For more information about the TELUS CHR Mobile app and the available functionality, click here.

Version 23.1.0 - March 27, 2023



  • Viewing done messages and marking them as undone - You can now view inbox items and messages marked Done in their own tab. If you marked an item or message in error, you now have the option to Mark Undone.

  • Viewing and managing snoozed messages - You can now snooze new or existing inbox items and messages and view them in the Snoozed tab.

  • Refreshing your inbox - When you swipe up twice to load more messages in the inbox, you will know you have reached the end of your messages when All items displayed appears at the bottom of the list.

Patient Summary

  • Customizing patient data settings - In Patient Data, the view defaults to the same preferences set within the CHR. You can select the settings (gear) icon to the right of Patient Data to customize which sections are displayed.

  • Viewing patient vitals graphs and lists - In the Vitals section of Patient Data, the creation date and time now displays beside each entry along with the graph icon. Select the graph icon to open a new window and view more detail.

    📌 Note: The new window defaults to the Graph tab. If there is only one result in the vitals history, it defaults to the List tab.

  • Hiding resolved medical records - You can select the settings (gear) icon to the right of Medical History to enable the option to hide records in the list of issues displayed in the patient summary that have been resolved.

  • Showing additional information - In Medical History, Family History and Surgical History, you can select an item from the list to view more detail such as diagnoses and procedures. You can also select Show additional info to view life stage, risk factor, etc.

  • Viewing important notes - In Admin notes, you can view notes marked as important in the CHR.

Version 22.26.1 - February 2, 2023


Version 22.20 - November 18, 2022


  • Navigating your inbox - You have access to open and view your own inbox. Inbox defaults to today’s date with the option to select items on a different date.

    📌 Note: You can open and view all message types except automatic system alerts and Qnaires. If you select one of these, you will see This message type is not supported yet. Please use the CHR to view it.

  • Viewing and managing your inbox - You can quickly view and manage your inbox items. For conversations, you can invite or remove participants, unsubscribe or close the conversation.

    📌 Note: Message status options (expired, read, unread, urgent) are displayed. Done or Snoozed items will be available in a future release.

  • Filtering and sorting inbox messages - Similar to your desktop, you can filter items by message type or sort to customize your inbox to ensure you see the most relevant items at the top.

  • Creating and sending inbox messages - You can create and send messages from the inbox or a patient's chart via Send a message. You can attach a photo to your message from your device.

  • Uploading photos to inbox - You can upload photos to display in your personal inbox.

  • Attaching files received in inbox to patient charts - You can attach or assign a patient to a file uploaded to the inbox.

Version 22.18 - October 18, 2022


  • Viewing the patient summary - You can access the summary view of a patient's chart, and customize how the summary is displayed. The summary is read-only; you cannot add or update data from the summary.

  • Viewing extra demographic information - When you select General Info to view a patient's demographics, you can now also access the Address & Extra tab to see more information such as the patient's emergency contact. For more information, see Viewing and navigating patient charts in TELUS CHR Mobile.

  • Viewing a patient's next appointment - When you view a patient's chart, their next appointment date and time displays in a banner in the top section of the window. Select the appointment banner to quickly see more information about the upcoming appointment. For more information, see Viewing and navigating patient charts in TELUS CHR Mobile.

Version 22.15 - August 24, 2022


  • Viewing another provider's schedule - To view a different schedule, select your avatar in the top right. Either search for the schedule you want to view, or select it from the list. The 5 most recently-opened schedules are displayed at the top of the list.

  • Connecting to additional clinics - To connect to another CHR clinic (for example, when you work at multiple locations), select the Clinic button on the bottom right and then select + Connect clinic.

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