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Quick start guide: New patient self-registration and e-booking
Quick start guide: New patient self-registration and e-booking
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Quick start: This topic provides a high level overview of the steps required to quickly complete the task. For detailed instructions, refer to the comprehensive help topic Requesting an appointment using your clinic's online booking site (for patients).

  1. Patients access eBooking via the link (or via clinic’s website) e.g.

  2. A prompt appears asking if the patient is registered at the practice. Patient selects No and then:

    1. Chooses the appropriate clinic location (if applicable).

    2. Selects the appropriate appointment type.

    3. Selects the presenting issue.

    4. Selects the desired date and time of appointment.

    5. Enters their basic demographic information.

    6. Agrees to terms.

    7. Clicks Submit Request.

    8. Completes any related Qnaires or chooses to skip and do it later.

  3. Appointment appears in the schedule of the selected provider at the selected date and time.

  4. Appointment appears in the list of Requested Appointments in the schedule and must be confirmed or rejected. See Managing requested appointments.

Updated March 20, 2023

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