📌 Note: If you would like Qnaires added to your CHR account, contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat. See Contact us. Alternatively, you can create and modify your own Qnaires. See Creating Qnaires.

To access all your CHR account Qnaires, from the main menu, click Qnaires.

From here, you can re-order the list of Qnaires by dragging and dropping them. This order is saved as Custom Order. You can also order them alphabetically. Click Custom order and select Alphabetically.

If your clinic uses the TELUS CHR patient app (UpPatient), you can require new patients to complete one or more mandatory intake Qnaires before they can book appointments using the patient app. See Requiring new patients accessing the patient app (UpPatient) to complete intake Qnaire(s).

Other functions you can perform from the Qnaires page are:

  • Publishing Qnaires: Select +Publish. Click Okay when the confirmation window appears. Once a Qnaire is published, you can use it in your clinical practice, i.e. send the Qnaire to patients, available in your POC App.

  • Unpublishing Qnaires: Select Unpublish. Click Okay when the confirmation window appears. Once your Qnaire is unpublished, you can not use it in your clinical practice. A Draft label appears under the name of the Qnaire and it moves to the bottom of the list of Qnaires.

  • Cloning Qnaires (copying existing Qnaires): Click the clone icon. Click Okay when the confirmation window appears. A Cloning Qnaire window appears. Click Okay. Refresh your browser after a few minutes to view the cloned Qnaires at the bottom of the list. The cloned Qnaire has copy at the end of the name.

  • Previewing Qnaires: Select the eye icon to see what a Qnaire looks like to a patient and to test it.
    📌 Note: Your Qnaire responses are not submitted.

Updated: January 10, 2022

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