Selecting the Qnaire icon on your left side menu will bring you to your Qnaire list which contains all the Qnaires found on your account. *

*If there are any validated tools you were hoping to use send us a message through our in-app support to see if we have these present on our existing database.  

1.  Publish: Select the Publish icon to make your Qnaire available to send to patients and become visible in InputHealth's iPad Application for your account.

2. Unpublish: Once your Qnaire is unpublished it will appear with a 'draft' label to indicate to the other users on your account that it is not ready for use.

3. Clone: Why start from scratch when you can build on what you already have? Cloning allows you to create a copy of your pre-existing Qnaire. 

4. Custom Scoring: Select the icon labelled below will lead you to your custom scoring. For more information refer to the article below on configuring scoring. 

5. Preview: If you would like to see how a Qnaire would appear when being completed by a patient, select the preview icon. As you work through the questionnaire, your responses are not being submitted. 

Ordering Qnaires

Using the drop down selection, custom order the Qnaire List by dragging and dropping to re-order items. Alternatively, you can alphabetically organize the items.

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