You can create customized provider alerts based on patient's Qnaire responses to allow for proactive flagging of high risk clients. For example you want to be notified if a patient has suicidal thoughts when responding to specific questions in the Depression Self-Assessment Qnaire.

Qnaire alerts are sent to providers via E-mail or SMS:

⚠️ Important: Notifications are not sent to your CHR inbox, but instead to your personal email address or mobile number in your CHR profile. See Updating your user profile information. They can only be sent to the provider linked to the Qnaire.

📌 Note: Alerting providers when patients provide specific responses is only available for Multi-select, Radio, Select Box, Button, Slider, Star question types.


1. From the Questions page within a new or existing Qnaire, click +New Question, or select a question.

2. Select the specific answer you want to be notified of when the patient selects it.

3. Select Alert message to designated provider.

4. Optionally you can add text in the box below. This text is included in the alert E-mail and SMS you receive.

📌 Note: When you receive a notification, it entails the patient name, gender, age, and the question and answer with or without the customised message added in step 4.

5.Click Close Choice.

Updated June 10, 2022

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