Qnaire alerts allow you to send an E-mail or SMS message to a designated user in two different scenarios:

  1. When a patient responds to a specific option in a questionnaire

  2. When a patient's Qnaire score increases or decreases compared to a previous submission

Configuring Qnaire Alerts

Patient Response

In the Qnaire editor, scroll to the question and response that you would like to initiate the alert.

Selecting the response, will lead to a window which contains a 'Alert message to designated provider' checkbox and field. Here, you will need to ensure the box is checked and you can include a custom message to be included in your E-mail/SMS. 

Patient Score

Alternatively, if you would like to be alerted about a patient's score, refer to the publishing checklist when editing the Qnaire.

From here, insert details as shown below: 

Configuring Receiver

To select an email/phone number you would like the alerts to be sent to, refer to your publishing checklist and insert the details as shown below:

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