In your encounter, scroll down and select the section with the header Prescriptions. This will expand to show 4 new icons as highlighted below.

Add Medications from your Favorites

By selecting the icon below, a list of your favorite medications will appear where you can select multiple to add to a single prescription.

Add from the Patient's Existing Medications

Add a Single Medication or a Multiple Medications

Selecting the icon below will create a window to add a single medication. If you would like to generate a prescription with multiple medications, select the add prescription icon. 

Printing, Downloading and Faxing your Prescription

After you have signed your prescription, you will notice the following icons appear beside your prescription. These icons will allow you to (from left to right) print, download, or generate a PDF of your prescription. 

Generating a PDF will lead you to a window that will allow you to fax the document. 

*Note: Once a prescription has been signed it can no longer be edited or deleted from the system. If this was done in error please write an addendum in your encounter. 

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