Flex Schedule Template Permissions

To create flex templates, contact the account administrator to enable this setting for appropriate users. Please refer to the article below on how to edit user permissions:

Flex Schedule Templates

  • Allow you to create a template of your flexible schedule,

  • Specify what appointments are available at which times,

  • Easily set bi-weekly schedules,

  • Assign multiple practitioners to the template, and

  • Colour code the schedule to allow for easier booking.  

Setting up a Flex Schedule Template:

  • Navigate to the Settings Icon and selecting "Scheduling" from the settings menu.

  • Click the "Flex Templates" button

This will open the flex template builder:

  • You can create schedules that allow you to set colours for specific blocks on the schedule

  • You can choose which practitioner(s) and which dates you would like to add to this template:

When you click "Apply" the system will attempt to add these schedules.

NOTE: If there is an error message, it is most likely because the physician is already scheduled as available under either Flex Scheduling or Standard Scheduling options.

Once you refresh your browser, you will be able to see the new availability on the scheduler, including the colour coding:

To review a specific practitioner's flexible hours, you can click on the Edit button and then Flex button under the Scheduling Settings. 


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