The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) is a repository connecting hospitals, community laboratories, public health laboratories, and practitioners to facilitate the secure electronic exchange of laboratory test orders and results.

With the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you can communicate with the OLIS system to retrieve laboratory results. You can:

  • Manually retrieve lab reports for a single patient

  • Preview and selectively process lab results
    📌 Note: When retrieving lab reports for a patient, they are displayed in a preview window and are not automatically imported into the CHR. You have to manually choose which lab results you would like to save to the patient chart. Only once a report is saved to the patient chart, will it appear in the provider's inbox. See Previewing and saving OLIS lab results.

Provider Benefits of OLIS

Patient Benefits of OLIS

  • Timely access to patient lab information for improved decision-making

  • More comprehensive and complete laboratory test information

  • Better coordination of care between providers/health care teams

  • Integrated into your workflows and no need to wait for paper lab results to arrive

  • Providers using OLIS can access patient lab results quickly, identifying trends and thus manage patients more effectively

  • Fewer visits to the lab for unnecessary or duplicate laboratory tests

⚠️ Important: Even if you have OLIS configured on your system, maintain your direct feeds from the commercial laboratories because the OLIS system does not yet include all commercial laboratories and hospital systems.

For information on setting up your clinic to receive OLIS results, see Getting connected to OLIS.

Updated: November 10, 2021

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