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Updating users' general profile information and settings
Updating users' general profile information and settings
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If you have the permissions to Edit Other Users in the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you can modify any user's name, credentials, email, license and billing number, as well as other general profile information and settings.

📌 Note: Each user can modify most of this information (and more) for themselves in their Profile area of the CHR. Refer to Updating your user profile information.


1. From the main menu, click Settings > Account information. The User Management window opens.

2. In the Users List, click Edit beside the user you want to modify. The user's settings window opens.

3. In the General tab, using the following table, modify the user's information and settings as needed.




Type the user's email address.

📌 Note: This is the email the user uses to log into the CHR. Also, if they reset their password, the CHR sends the reset link to this email.


To display a title (for example, Dr.) in front of their name in the CHR and in letters, referrals, prescriptions, etc., in the list, select the title.

Full Name

Type the user's name as you want it to display in the CHR and in letters, referrals, prescriptions, etc.


Type their position or role in the clinic, such as Physician.

📌 Note: Using variables, their Position can be pulled into electronic forms, letters and other templates.

Landing Page

In the list, select the area of the CHR that should open for the user by default each time they log in.


Select Practitioner or Staff as the user type.

📌 Note: The user type determines the default permissions the user has in the CHR.

Credential Initials

To have the user's credentials (such as MD) display beside their name in the CHR and in letter/prescription headers, type their credentials.

To have these credentials appear in letter and prescriptions footers as well, select the Include in document footers check box.


From the list, select the user's occupation (such as Registered Nurse).

📌 Note: If Medical Doctor or Resident is selected, a Medical Specialty field displays below Occupation.

License Number

Type the user's professional license number.

Billing or Reference Number

Type the user's billing or reference number.


From the list, select the state or province the user is practicing in.

Licensing Body

From the list, select the user's licensing body (e.g. College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta etc.).

The licensing bodies available in the list depend on the province selected. For provinces that do not have any licensing bodies, this field displays as a text field and cannot be edited.

Welcome Text (Shown at start of questionnaires)

To have the user's biography or a welcome message display to patients when they fill in Qnaires, type the bio or welcome message.

Has Inbox

Select to enable the user to receive messages in their own inbox.

Has Schedule

Select to create a schedule for the user.

📌 Note: This option is available only if the Type is Practitioner.

4. At the bottom of the window, click Submit.

Updated September 25, 2023

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