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Submitting claims to Teleplan (British Columbia)
Submitting claims to Teleplan (British Columbia)
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After you create a bill in the Collaborative Health Record (CHR), you submit it to Teleplan by changing the bill's status from Draft to Ready to Submit.

You can configure the default status to be Ready To Submit if your bills don't require a review before submission. This saves you from manually changing the status on each bill (see Changing your default billing status).

Each day at 6pm, the CHR submits all bills with a status of Ready to Submit as a batch to Teleplan, and the bills' status changes to Submitted. At this point, you can no longer modify the bills until you receive a response from the province. You can, however, submit a debit request if needed.

💡 Tips:

  • As long as a bill's status is Draft or Ready to Submit (i.e. prior to 6 pm) you can still modify the bill if needed.

  • When a bill is saved with a status of Ready to Submit, an information icon appears at the top-right corner of each billing item. When you click the icon, the Transaction Details window opens - displaying transactions for the claim occurring between the CHR and Teleplan. When the claim is submitted, the MSP Sequence No. displays in the Transaction Details. You provide this number when you call MSP for information about the claim.

Steps (to set a bill's status to Ready to Submit)

1. Create or click to open the bill from the encounter, from the Visits dashboard, from the Insured Billing area of the patient's chart or from the Billing dashboard .

📌 Note: If you're a provider and you created the bill from an encounter, you cannot change the status of the bill until you sign the encounter.

2. At the top of the Edit Insured Payments window, in the Status drop-down, select Ready to Submit.

3. Click Save. If the CHR doesn't identify any errors, the Status is set to Ready to Submit and the claim is submitted to Teleplan today at 6pm.

If the bill is missing information (such as a Service Location or a Billing Provider), the bill is saved, but is not submitted to MSP. The status of the claim changes to Attention Required and the individual bill items have a status of Invalid. Fix the issue, and then change the bill's Status back to Ready to Submit so the claim can be submitted to Teleplan.

Updated January 11, 2022

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