CHR Release notes - version 23.6
March 29, 2023
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What’s new in the CHR


Copying appointment types

You can now easily copy existing appointment types. When you copy an appointment type, all the data is cloned to the new appointment type. The copied appointment type appears at the bottom of the list with the word copy at the end of its name. In Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type, click the copy icon beside the appointment type you wish to copy.

For more information, refer to Creating and modifying appointment types.

Viewing and updating the appointment status for multiple appointments on the same day

If a patient has more than one appointment on the same day, such as when they are seeing multiple providers in the clinic, you can now see all of the appointments in the appointment details window. You can also update the status of all the appointments at once.

Click a booked appointment to open the appointment details; all appointments for that patient for that day at that location are listed at the bottom. Click the status of an appointment in the list to change it, or click Update all statuses to update all of the appointments for that day to the same status.

For more information, refer to Tracking the status of an appointment.

Prescription list sorted by creation date

In a patient’s Prescriptions list, prescriptions are now displayed according to creation date and time. The most recent prescription is at the top of the list. This makes it easier to find prescriptions.

Signed prescriptions are now read-only

To further enhance patient safety and keep an accurate record of previous prescriptions, you can no longer edit a medication from the patient’s Medications list if it has been saved or signed. To make changes to an existing medication, re-prescribe it.

For more information, refer to Viewing a patient’s medications.

Adding lab integration identifiers for other users

Users with the Setup Lab Integration permission can now add lab identifiers for other users. From Settings > Labs, click +Lab ID in the Unique Identifiers from Lab Distributors section.

You can also archive a lab ID for another user.

📌Note: You cannot currently edit another user’s lab ID.

For more information, refer to Adding unique lab identifiers to your CHR account.

Manitoba: Automatically calculate extended hours premium

When you bill for a patient visit that was during extended clinic hours, the extended hours premium can now be automatically added and calculated. After entering the fee code(s) for the visit, click the Extended Clinic Hours button to automatically add the appropriate premium code (75530 or 75531). The 20% premium is calculated for you, based on the other fee codes on the bill.

📌Note: You must include a start time.

For more information, refer to Applying extended clinic hour premiums to bills.

Alberta: NBPG and NBTR modifier calculations

When you add the explicit modifiers NBPG or NBTR to a bill, you can now enter a number in the Units field, and the billed amount is calculated accordingly.

For more information, refer to Applying modifiers to billing items.

PEI: Fee updates

We updated the fee amounts according to the upcoming Medicare tariff updates effective April 1, 2023.

📌Note: Bills with a service date prior to April 1st will still use the current fee amounts.

PEI: Location-based access

Location-specific appointment types

In Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type, you now see only global appointment types and appointment types for locations you have access to.

When creating appointment types, you must now select a location. You can set the appointment type to be global (available for users at all locations) or a specific location. The list of locations shows only the locations you are a member of.

📌Note: All existing appointment types are set to global and available to users at all locations.


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • When sending a message, an alert now appears if the recipient field is blank or if the information entered does not match a user or user group.

  • When there is a group visit booked, the appointment schedule now loads for users set up as practitioners but who do not have a schedule.

  • When forwarding files from the Inbox, when selecting a recipient from the list, the avatar is now displayed correctly.

  • When adding a new form template (Settings > Templates > Form), a tooltip now displays if there is an error.

  • When cancelling a medication from a patient’s Prescriptions, the option to stop a medication has been removed since it did not actually stop the medication. Medications should be stopped from the Medications list, or when renewing other medications.

  • Pre-visit and post-visit appointment reminders are now sent successfully even when the appointment is booked in a timezone that is different from the account’s timezone.

  • Alberta: When creating a bill with an out of province referring practitioner, the referring practitioner’s contact and address information is now sent from the CHR.

  • When performing mass billing updates and changing the status to Ready, an error message is now displayed if the payment issuers are not the same province on the selected bills. (This does not apply to Ontario).

What's new in the CHR help

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