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Mass billing for your empaneled patients (British Columbia)

LFP payment model

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The Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) payment model is an alternative to the fee-for-service model and supports family physicians who provide longitudinal, relationship-based, family medicine care in the community to a known panel of patients.

Family physicians are compensated for time spent with their patients, provider-patient interactions and the size and complexity of their patient panel (or patients in their practice). For more information, refer to the Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model.

A provider enrolled in the LFP Payment Model receives a panel payment based on the size and complexity of their patient panel by compiling a single report of all their empanelled patients and then submitting it to the Ministry of Health via Teleplan.

📌Note: An empaneled patient must have a MSP provincial health number and status of Active in the CHR. For more information on marking a patient as active, refer to Updating patient demographics.

In the CHR, you can generate a one-time report of all your active patients, download it and import it as a billing template to mass bill them using the service fee code 98990 (Primary Care Panel Report).

⚠️Important: To create a report and mass-submit claims for your empanelled patients, you require:

  • The Analytics feature with all the custom dashboard, LFP 98990 Mass Billing.

  • The Data Import user permission

  • The LFP 98990 Mass Billing import template.

Contact the CHR support team if you do not have any of the above.

Steps to create a report of all your empaneled patients

1. From the main menu, click Analytics.

2. On the right side of the screen, use the search bar to search for the LFP 98990 Mass Billing dashboard and select it.

3. At the top of the dashboard the filters specify the data you want to see in the dashboard report.

Click the Primary provider filter, select is and select a provider from the list.

The other filters have the following set default values:

  • Status: is Active.

  • Last 989990: is null.

  • Appt Date: is in the last 36 months.

📌Note: Last 989990: is null, filters out empaneled patients that you already billed the code 989990 for.

4. Click Load to view the reports.

Steps to download the LFP 98990 Mass Billing Report

1. Hover over the LFP 98990 Mass Billing report tile, click the menu icon in the top-right corner of the report and select Download data.

2. In the window that appears, select the CSV file Format from the list.

3. Click Download. The file is saved on your workstation.

Steps to import the report and mass bill service code 98990

📌Note: Only users with the Data Import permission can import the CSV into the CHR to create claims.

1. From the main menu, in Settings > Data Migration > Templates, select LFP 98990 Mass Billing

2. In the LFP 98990 Mass Billing window, click the Select a CSV file… and select the csv file that you downloaded to your computer in the previous steps.

3. Click Start Import.

The system automatically attempts to create a claim with service code 98990 for each patient in the report.

The status Imported means that it was successful. The status Duplicated means the patient has already been billed 98990. Invalid means that the bill can not be created since there is an issue with the patient’s demographics. Refer to Verifying demographics with MSP (BC).

4. The system automatically downloads a CSV report with all the Invalid entries. Correct the patient demographics errors in the CHR, create another report of the empaneled patients that have not yet been billed, download and then import the new CSV file to create claims for the previous invalid patients.

The CHR submits all Imported claims to the Ministry of Health via Teleplan at 6 pm PST daily.

Updated August 10, 2023

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