In order to create third party bills/invoices, you will need to ensure that you have a template configured. You can find this by checking here:



  • Billing Item Template: GEAR Button

The custom templates in your account will be here. If you do not have a 3rd Party Template and wish to have configured, reach out to Support. Be sure to let them know if you need an invoice set-up for that specific template as well.

If you submit billing to a Provincial Provider, DO NOT change the dropdown beside the GEAR button to the custom Templates, this should have your default Provincial billing Provider Set at all Times!

After any changes to SETTINGS, make sure you and your team REFRESH!

To Create a Bill

  • This can be done at any point in your account that you would create an Insured Bill.
    -Visits Tab
    -Patient Chart

  • Start a New Bill

  • Select the Template

  • Once your template has been selected in the Bill, the codes associated to it will be available for billing.

  • If you are submitting the bill to a third party you can pull them into the bill and onto the invoice through FACILITY/CONTACT.

  • If there is anything you need to change to the bill itself, you can select it and make changes. Including the:
    - Amount
    - Quantity
    - ICD-9 Codes
    - Date of Service/Time

  • You can: (1.) add multiple fee items and (2.) look at the historical billing.


Generally, Third Party has a different billing cycle than Insured and Private Pay claims, so they need to actioned and processed accordingly.

After a bill has been created, an invoice should be generated to be either:

  • Printed

  • Emailed

  • Faxed

An invoice can be created by selecting the PRINTER button:

If you do not see this button, please contact SUPPORT to make sure you have an invoice configured for this custom billing template.

  • Once the Invoice has been generated and sent out to the Third Party provider, best practice is to change the status of the bill to reflect the Invoicing and Awaiting Payment.

  • This will allow you to filter in the billing dashboard accurately for any Outstanding Invoiced claims by setting the FILTER STATUS.


Eventually, you should receive payment for the Third Party bill. So it will need to be reconciled in the PATIENT CHART.

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