The Health Profile within the TELUS Collaborative Health Record (CHR), also known as cumulative patient profile (CPP) enables you to record, track, and maintain structured health data in a standard and consistent way across the continuum of care for a patient.

The health profile includes the following six sections and you can add, save, and edit patient clinical information in each of them:

You access the healh profile in the following ways:

  • In the patient dashboard view, click Start/Open > Health Profile.

⚠️ Important:

  • You can add medical history and surgical history to letter and encounter templates. It can be configured to include the 15 most recent active entries.

  • Social history, family history, risk factors, and goals of care can also be pulled into letters and encounter templates.

  • Providers can click into the Health Profile variables in an encounter template to edit them. These edits update Health Profile in the Patient Chart upon saving the encounter.
    📌 Note: Health Profile variables cannot be edited when using letter templates.

  • Diagnosis in the Assessment and Plan section of an encounter does not save into the Medical History Section of the patient's chart until the encounter has been signed and the user sees a new dialogue window and has checked off "Update this patient's medical history from diagnoses".

Last updated: July 7, 2021

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