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CHR Release Notes - version 21.07
CHR Release Notes - version 21.07

July 14, 2021

Updated over a week ago

💥 Improvements 💥

1. Saving certain files directly to the CHR

You can now save growth charts, images from Qnaire responses, latest lab results and invoices of insured billing items directly to the patient chart.

In the applicable areas of the patient’s chart, click the new Save icon. The file will appear in the Patient Files section of the patient chart.

This not only improves the efficiency when wanting to send specific files to your colleagues (outgoing referrals) or patients but more importantly reduces the risk of patient data being saved to devices and not being deleted. It also significantly reduces the risk of uploading files to the incorrect patient chart.

2. Patient demographic improvements

  • New title and prefix fields: We added two new fields, Prefix and Title in the patient demographics. The patient’s title is read-only and automatically updates when you select a prefix. If you do not specify a prefix, the title defaults to Mr, Ms, or Mx, depending on the patient’s gender identity or sex selected. The CHR uses the Title variable in various patient notifications.

  • Updated patient avatars: We updated the gender neutral avatar with the following:

    For more information, see Adding a patient and Updating patient avatars.

You can now choose to display gender- specific avatars or the new gender- neutral avatar to all patient's charts. For more information, see Setting default patient avatars.

3. Spoken language added to provider profiles

Providers can now add (or remove) the multiple languages they speak to their profile. All existing users have the default language, English, added to their profile. For more information, see Updating your user profile information.

Once configured, you can now display providers’ spoken languages in our eBooking feature. Patients can see the biographies and spoken languages of the available providers when requesting an appointment.

For information about how you can make spoken languages visible in eBooking, see Creating and modifying appointment types.

4. Maximum booking notice for appointments

We added more options for setting how far in advance patients can book appointments in your clinic. The options that were added are: 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 3 weeks, 2 months, 6 months. See Setting how far in advance patients can book appointments through eBooking.

5. Appointment reminders

You can now send appointment reminders one or two hours prior to an appointment. For information about changing your reminder settings, see Customizing appointment reminders for an appointment type.

6. Ontario: OHIP billing improvements

We are very excited to announce big improvements to the MDBilling integration.

  • Viewing paid amounts: When an OHIP claim is fully paid (Status: Paid) or partially paid (Status: Adjusted) by the Ministry of Health (MOH), you can now view the paid amount from within the CHR.

    Previously, you could only see the claim status (completed, adjusted, rejected) in the CHR. You had to login to their MDBilling portal to see the reason for partially paid claims or rejected claims.

    Now, if a claim is rejected (or adjusted), the status changes to attention required in the CHR with an explanation.

  • Correcting and re-submitting rejected claims: You can also correct the rejected claim and submit to MDBilling from within the CHR. A new claim is created in MDBilling. The original claim remains as rejected within the MDBilling portal (MDBilling cannot update an existing claim).

  • Deactivating a user automatically deactivates the MDBilling API: When a provider is deactivated from your CHR, they are now automatically disconnected from MDBilling. The provider or clinic will not receive any new information regarding that provider’s claims that were previously submitted or received.
    A billing integrations warning appears before the user is deactivated. For more information, see Deactivating CHR user accounts.

🐛 ⚒️ Bug Fixes 🐛 ⚒️

Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • The time within the activity log widget for rescheduling appointments has been corrected. The time is no longer shown in UTC but instead the clinic’s location time zone.

  • New users were unable to open the new user email invitation link. They were inconsistently brought to the domain login screen before registering their account. This bug has been fixed.

  • The customized text (specific to font colour) in patient facing appointment letters was not the same as the font colour selected by a CHR user. This has been resolved. Font colours now apply to the text in patient facing appointment letters.

  • When a user received an urgent message and it was marked as done, the urgent check remained in the inbox until the user refreshed the page. We have fixed this. Once a user has marked their urgent message as done, the message is checked off and the tag disappears.

  • From now on, it does not matter if a clinic uses special characters when documenting patient identity numbers. Patient identity numbers will match with or without special characters (e.g. hyphens).

Scheduled time of update: Evening of July 13, 2021

No preparation is required by site users in advance of the update. All CHR update activities are managed by InputHealth via a zero-downtime rolling deployment in the CHR’s cloud infrastructure, which allows the system to operate without interruption of service during updates.

No data migration will be required as part of this update.

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