Analytics dashboards are a great way to manage or report on bills and payments for your clinic. For example, you can use them to reconcile your payments, make sure that all patients seen were billed, manage rejected or pending bills or search for invoices.



Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) payments (remittances) by pay date and provider, including details on each payment.

Insured payments for custom billing agencies (providers/templates) by pay date. Excludes AHCIP payments.

Billing Payments Private

Private payments by pay date. Only includes bills created using Private Billing (refer to Creating a private bill).

Billing A/R Details

Account receivable for custom agencies and AHCIP.

Audit of all outstanding provincial bills, i.e. claims that are rejected, pending or still in draft, by service date and provider. Use it to make sure you submit all your claims and to manage refused bills.

Only includes provincial billing agencies (AHCIP and other provincial agencies if applicable).

Overview of all outstanding insured billing (provincial and custom billing agencies) by service date, provider, fee code and facility. Includes detailed accounts receivable.

Overview of all outstanding private billing by service date, provider, fee code and facility. Includes detailed accounts receivable.

Audit of unsigned encounters or encounters without a bill in the last 180 days. Use it to ensure all patients seen are billed and submit any missed bills before the deadline.

Billing Invoice Lookup

Report of all insured bills created (paid, refused, outstanding, etc.). Use this report to search for bills using any billing information (for example, the invoice number, patient ID or agency).

Billing statement report (insured)

Use this report to get a billing statement for a patient or a custom billing agency (such as a third party). It allows you to view and export all their outstanding insured bills.

Private product

You can use this report to manage your private billing products and see which ones need to be restocked (refer to Adding private billing products and services).

Updated March 1, 2023

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