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CHR Release notes - version 23.13
CHR Release notes - version 23.13

July 5, 2023

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Searching with patient middle name

When searching for a patient by Name, you can now also use their middle name. This is helpful when you have many patients with the same first and last name. For example, you can search for "John P Smith" instead of "John Smith" to narrow your search results.

Cloning group visit templates

You can now make a copy of your group visit templates in the same way as appointment types.

From Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type, click the copy icon beside the group visit template you wish to copy.

Configuring waitlist-specific referral statuses

You can now customise your different waitlists with their own referral statuses.

From Settings > Referrals > Waiting lists, click the waiting list you want to configure and then click +Add.

When viewing a referral and when filtering a waitlist by status, you only see the applicable statuses for that waitlist. Default referral statuses are used for referrals that are not on a waitlist, and for waitlists without custom statuses configured. You can configure the default statuses from Settings > Referral > Default statuses; the default statuses already in your system are used.

💡 Tip: You can copy the default status list, or copy from one waitlist to another.

For more information, refer to Creating waitlists for your clinic.

Auto-archiving pathway cards

You can now set your pathway cards to automatically archive after a specified trigger, for example after 24 hours. This reduces clutter and saves administrative time in manually closing each card.

The TELUS CHR Support account must configure this feature. Contact the TELUS Health support team through the support chat for more information.

Recording gender for CHR users

You can now configure your gender in personal information.

Alberta: Saving favourite facilities for billing

When creating HLink bills, you can now save your most commonly used facilities. Click the star to add a facility to your favourites. When you click the Facility field, all of your favourites appear, and are at the top of the list when searching.

PEI: Manually updating Client Registry sync status

You can now manually sync and unsync patients with the Client Registry.

📌Note: You must have the Update CR sync status permission to manually link or unlink patients to the Client Registry.

Click Sync patient on an existing or unsynced patient chart to search the Client Registry. If a match is returned, the patient chart updates and the status in the patient header displays Synced.

To manually unsync a patient currently linked with the Client Registry, click Unsync. The patient disconnects from the Client Registry and the status in the patient header displays Not synced.

For more information, refer to Syncing and unsyncing the Client Registry (PEI).

PEI: Location-based access

⚠️ Important: This feature must be enabled by TELUS Health so the changes may not be immediately visible in your system. Your EMR Program will send further communication when this feature is available.

Location-specific schedule templates

In Settings > Scheduling >Templates a new location selection option appears, and you see only flexible and vacation schedule templates for locations you have access to.

You can now add and maintain flexible and vacation schedule templates by location. You can apply flexible and vacation schedule templates only to providers who are members of the selected location.

Location-specific group visit templates

In Settings > Scheduling > Appointment Type, you now see only global and group visit templates for locations you have access to.

When creating group visit templates, you must now select a location. You can set the group visit template to be global (available for users at all locations) or a specific location. The list of locations shows only the locations you are a member of.

📌Note: All existing group visit templates are set to global and available to users at all locations.


Below is a list of bugs we have identified and fixed in this release. For more information, contact our TELUS Health support team.

  • When deleting a location with working hours, the confirmation dialog now closes after the error is displayed.

  • The virtual visit video is now mirrored for both provider and patient.

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